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Content Marketing Training: An Overview

Content marketing is critical in today’s marketing mix, not only because it works to build trust, to generate leads and to cultivate customer loyalty, but also because it has become a new normal for the consumer.

It is, in itself, helping to develop what customers expect from the brands they interact with. Neglecting, this is much riskier than investing in it from the very beginning. What kind of travel, food, or fashion brand can exist today without a vibrant Instagram page, videos, and a few influencer campaigns?In this course, we will walk you through several content marketing hacks and how to get the most from your analytics and to use data to drive your content machine.

Master Content Marketing to grow your business!

Both strong traditional marketing and content marketing should result in increased sales, which is the lifeblood of any business. Content marketing, however, will do this so much more cheaply than paid advertising. It takes effort to create compelling, informative content that people find valuable, but it is much cheaper than paying for online display ads, or banner ads, or paid search ads and it can also be much more effective.

To ensure that your content has a positive ROI, it is essential to define the correct metrics and analyse your data. Don’t make data-driven marketing mistakes though such as being impatient, not experimenting or replacing your strategy with analytics. We will help you master the skills you need to grow your brand or business.

Why Choose Us for your Content Marketing Training?

For more than nine years, we have been delivering social media training programs to business owners, marketers and communications specialists. Over the last decade, we’ve delivered more than 400 courses and seminars.

Our team of content trainers are all specialists in the delivery of content marketing, as well as training, which means that we live and breathe content marketing and do it daily. The team won the Best Agency in 2019 and the Best Integrated Campaign in 2019 at the Prolific North Awards. So if you’re looking to either learn the basics, develop further, or pick up on the latest advances in social media marketing theory and practice, we’re positive that we can give you the right course.

Hundreds of Brands trained every year

Hundreds of Brands taught every year. We are an award-winning team that has provided training courses across the country. We have delivered content marketing training programs to major brands and household names across the UK from the Skipton Building Society, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Northumbria University, Engie, Barbour, Keepmoat Homes, Bonmarché, University of Leeds, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Games Workshops to name a few. If you need strategic content marketing training for your team, we’re the right team for you.

We are firmly focussed on ROI

Our team of content marketing trainers fully understand that a return on investment is now critical if you want to secure more funding for your content marketing programmes moving forward. We consider ROI for the construction of our courses, and we ensure that everything we do is aimed at being data and insight-driven first, so you can report on the most relevant KPIs and metrics first and then offer some explanation on what your investment in social media marketing has returned.

We are strategic

We are very focused on being as vital as possible with our social media courses and to help ensure that you and your team get the most out of it, we always provide a pre-training questionnaire to clarify what the participants most want from the course. We will then review these objectives, during the session, to ensure that the participants receive the maximum from the instruction on the day.

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Brands That Trust Us

We have genuine content marketing expertise

You can be confident that you are in good hands, as our team has won more than 30 awards over the last five years for delivering excellent content marketing and integrated PR campaigns. We are widely known in the industry as the best-integrated PR, content marketing and social media agency in the North of the United Kingdom.

We speak your language and deliver actionable learning

Because our team is made up of award-winning marketing practitioners, we understand the little things you need to know to get ahead of you. We’re not going to dress it up in corporate rubbish – our training is going to be straight-talking actionable learning that you can take back to your desk from day one.

We offer Post-course support

For each training course we deliver, we offer four weeks of post-course support where any attendee can call our team in the office to ask for help, advice or specific questions about the content of the course. Our trainers will be more than happy to advise and help ensure that you put your new workable learning into practice in your day-to-day work.

Our Social Media Classes are Interactive

All of our content marketing classes have interactive elements as content marketing is online–so it is the best place to practice. Each course will have several breakout sessions to get the attendees to put into action what they’ve heard and seen. This is because we believe that the best way to learn is actually to do it.

Our work is “big brand” standard

Our team has been working for major brands for many years–we know how challenging it can be to keep your team up to date on the latest developments in digital and content marketing. Every year, we deliver seminars on the latest trends in social media and the latest shiny thing in marketing. We can help your team to understand the more strategic side of social media marketing.

Who should attend the Content Marketing Training Course?

All of our content marketing courses are designed for business owners, marketing teams or communications professionals looking to update their employees and improve their industry knowledge. To take part in one of our courses, you will need to be bright, passionate and, most of all, willing to learn something new and participate in group discussions. If you’re eager to learn, we’ll provide the building blocks for a much more successful content marketing program.

What will I learn with the Content Marketing Training Course?

On our course, you will learn a wealth of new tips and skills on how to implement content marketing much more strategically. We will examine ways in which you can engage better and ways in which you can increase online conversions by simply changing the focus of your content. We will show you techniques on how to identify what content you already have that is already working and the key to killer evergreen content. We will look at the following:

  • How to harness the Power of Content to increase Traffic and Sales
  • The steps to growing your business with Engaging Social Content
  • Content optimisation for a better social media presence and sales results
  • Best practices for managing your Social Content
  • Using paid social media advertising for content marketing
  • Advanced tips and tricks to become a Social Content Expert

The Benefits of our Content Marketing Training Course

After this course, you will be able to implement better quality and higher volume of on-site content. The more time spent on content marketing often means that you will have more content on your site and that your customers will have more reason to get acquainted with your brand, and build more trust, which should lead to higher conversion rates and ultimately sales.

With brilliant content, your users will stay longer on your site. You will also learn how to get your content higher on search engines. Every new article you add to your blog is a different page that Google is going to index. More pages do not always correlate with more search traffic, but having more quality pages indexed can give you more opportunities to rank more search queries. If you are targeting long-tail keywords and topics that your customers frequently search for, you should have no trouble appearing for those searches in your information archive.

Writing more, higher quality content will enhance the perceived expertise, authority, relevance and trust of your website. If the material gets more inbound links from external sources, the domain authority of your website will increase further. We will examine all of these areas and help you reap the benefit of excellent content.

Following this training course, you will understand:

  • The importance and commercial value of effective content marketing for B2C and B2B organisations
  • The types of content that work best on different channels
  • How to develop big ideas that unlock multi-channel content opportunities
  • The role of material along the new customer decision journey
  • Why topical content often wins in social media channels
  • How to nurture brand communities to amplify your content and reach
  • Simple techniques that will help you enhance any content by boosting its persuasiveness and impact

Content Marketing Training: Course Programme

Our training course will outline the case for brilliant, engaging content using data at its core to ensure your content resonates with your target audience. We will look at the business case for content, the landscape of content and some killer hacks on how you can make the most of your time while creating it in your teams. The programme will be full of examples and hard tips you can use right back at your desk.

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The Business Case for Better Content

Although there is a lot is written about why we need to put more energy into content marketing, there’s relatively little written about how you’re going to do business and then review the return from your content and its overall effectiveness. We will look at these essential commercial issues to help you understand the business case/

We will look at “What is our content marketing ROI?” We will break it down into how you might be able to approach it within your business or brand. Specifically, we will look at:

  • Stats and data to support the business case for a greater focus on content marketing
  • The case for brand building through better content
  • The hard realities of content marketing and measurement
  • Content formats needed to build winning brands
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Content Formats That Work

While blogging is still beneficial, there are many other types of content that you can— and should — add to your content marketing toolbox. Different types of content can help you connect to various customers in several ways. In many cases, a variety of content types are ideal for reaching and connecting users at different points of the digital sales enclosure.

In this session, we’re going to look at the most popular content types and how to use them to win new leads, gain awareness and drive sales.

  • Latest content trends and developments
  • Case studies of successful B2B and B2C content
  • The importance of brand adaptability in a multi-channel world

How To Create Highly Successful Content

Everyone is marketing content these days, but not everyone is doing it brilliantly. A successful content marketing strategy is one in which the content gives value to the user.

However, there is a whole ton of stuff out there to make noise in a particular marketplace. The key to creating content that is both valuable and meaningful to your target market is to know exactly who it is.

If you know who your customers are and the problems they face daily, you can target them more successfully with bespoke content that is clever, engaging and essentially converts them into clients.

Here we will look at ways to develop a deeper understanding of your target group target so that you can create content that truly matters to them, and we will cover the following:

  • Putting a ‘Big Idea’ at the centre of your content marketing planning
  • Mapping content based on the Customer Decision Journey
  • How to introduce more newsworthy, topical content into your plan
  • Tips and techniques for content creation and landing page optimisation

Content Distribution Strategies

Content distribution is the act of promoting content to your online audiences in multiple media formats through a variety of outlets. We want to explore these and how you can get the most from them. We will cover the following:

  • Finding the right balance between pushing content and inbound marketing
  • How to use precision targeting options across selected online channels
  • “Test & Learn” methodology for continuous improvement
  • Leveraging your brand’s “Alpha Followers”

Dialling up the Persuasiveness of Your Content

You can enhance the credibility of your content by quoting genuine experts, citing sources, using client testimonials, and sharing relevant case studies. You will need to avoid hyperbolic language and making promises you can’t keep. This is one of the fundamental reasons consumers are getting wise to clickbait titles. When headline articles promise to “get you rich quick” but fails to deliver, the author and the source of the content lose more credibility. So you will need to be honest with your audience, back up your facts, deliver on your promises, and create long-term value and trust with your audience. We will cover the following.

  • In action: one effective company
  • Injecting powerful “nudges” into your content to encourage actions
  • Designing compelling calls-to-action
  • Putting it into practice: Fun team exercise!

Measurement and Monitoring of your Social Content

All of the platforms are continually evolving, introducing new elements, updating algorithms and initiatives. So, it’s essential to measure your social media efficiency. Not only to justify your investment on social media to the senior team, but also to provide data to maximise your future campaigns. If you monitor your results for a more extended period, you will be able to see seasonal changes and adjust your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

The second problem with the measurement of social media is the metrics. Metrics that are easy to count, like followers of growth or the number of likes, don’t reveal a lot about social media Rate of return. Essential metrics, such as social media engagement, influencer score, voice share or social media reach, are harder to calculate without the assistance of some additional tools.

We will cover the following:

  • Analysis, techniques and tools
  • Interpreting the results
  • Benchmarking practices

Legal Guidelines

Staying inside the law can be a real challenge for many companies, mainly because legislation can be so overwhelming. However, most legal problems in social media have often arisen as a result of simple accidents.

Brands should establish a process for curating user-generated content and obtain the necessary rights and legal permissions for use to avoid infringement. The use of imagery by a brand has several related legal ramifications and rights, such as ownership of images and media–we’re going to look at the best practices around this to ease your mind.

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Content Marketing Training – Duration

This course on content marketing can be delivered in a half-day or full-day format.

Content Marketing Training – Cost

For enquiries on costs for our content marketing training, please contact us telling us which course you are interested in.

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