Social Media Training for Snapchat

Social Media Training for Snapchat: An Overview

Snapchat can effectively be regarded as yet another platform that businesses and brands should include in their marketing line-up. Though this may feel daunting for some businesses, it really is a brilliant thing to have a platform that offers fresh possibilities and ways to engage and communicate with a young target demographic.

Snapchat has an estimated 191 million active users every day (which has risen from 100 million in the last three years) and has shown that it can be of intrinsic value to businesses that have an audience and the correct policies in place to manage it.

Master Snapchat Marketing to grow your business!

Since the launch of Snapchat in 2011, the platform has allowed users to send temporary, short images or videos to others, developing new and unique characteristics over time – not only for the regular user but also providing exciting opportunities for brands. With Snapchatters viewing over 10 billion videos a day, using Snapchat for your business seems to be something you should certainly acknowledge.

Every brand that has ever existed appears to have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (and, gradually, Pinterest). As hard as connecting with followers on these platforms can be, it becomes considerably more challenging to get your content to stand out from the rest. Although Snapchat is rapidly gaining popularity amongst brands, it still provides less competition for companies than on other platforms due to the age of the average user. While Snapchat is known for its popularity with teenagers, it’s brand awareness is beginning to reach other young adults as well as older demographics.

Why Choose Us for your Snapchat Social Media Marketing Training?

We are a team of social marketing professionals devoted to the creation of a unique marketing strategy for Snapchat. Over the course of nine years, we have provided and trained upwards of 300 business owners, marketers and communications professionals. We believe this gives us the right level of experience to ensure your company gets excellent training on how to use Snapchat to its full extent.

We are strongly focussed on ROI

A key performance indicator of social media is ROI. Today it is crucial to establish revenue and profits, eliminating future economic choices from your business. Our training courses put emphasis on the ways in which your business can examine these numbers and use them to model the best outcomes from your social activity.

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We are strategic thinkers

We focus on what’s essential for social media. By developing and applying a social media strategy, you will be able to make your Snapchat account a strong generator of brand awareness and revenue for your company or brand.

We have genuine Snapchat marketing expertise

Throughout the last nine years, our team has won more than 30 awards for exceptional social media marketing, content marketing and integrated PR campaigns. We are widely considered throughout the industry as the best integrated PR, content marketing and social media agency in the North of the United Kingdom.

We deliver genuine actionable learning

By providing your staff with a chance to learn innovative skills and develop their own current abilities, they will leave our course with a deeper understanding of how best to apply them to both their workplaces and their normal daily lives.

We offer Post-course support

For each training program we provide, we offer four weeks of post-course assistance in which any attendee can contact our team in the office to ask for assistance, guidance or particular questions about the content of the course. Our experts are more than happy to offer assistance to ensure that you put your innovative new learnings into practice during your day-to-day activities.

Our Social Media Classes are Interactive

By incorporating interactive content as part of our Snapchat marketing courses as a means of supporting our audience, we have discovered a more beneficial way to educate those who attend through creativity and involvement. Each course provides several group sessions to encourage the attendees to enact what they’ve learned as we believe the best way to learn is by doing.

Our work is “big brand” standard

After helping other big brands to establish themselves as the leading Snapchat presence for nine years, our team knows and understands how to improve your brand’s social presence using the latest social media trends and most effective methods.

Who should attend the Social Media Training for Snapchat?

According to the latest statistics Snapchat users create 3billion videos every day, spending an average of 30 minutes on the platform. These figures — alongside Snapchat’s impressive targeting capabilities — suggest great possibilities for brands and their marketers. Our Snapchat marketing course provides a detailed insight into how your business can enhance these figures and use Snapchats unique algorithm to improve their overall marketing strategy. The course is ideal for business owners, marketing teams or communications experts who are open-minded and looking to become social media marketing gurus, looking to leave with an improved knowledge of Snapchat.

What will I learn with the Social Media Training for Snapchat?

There are many distinctive and unique features, types of posts and settings that you can use across Snapchat, all of which can impact on the success of your strategies. These include image editing features, settings that you can choose from on your account, and extra characteristics that can assist you to communicate with your audience. On our course you will learn:

  • How to create a business presence on Snapchat
  • The steps to growing your presence on Snapchat
  • Snapchat Content optimisation for better results
  • Best practices for managing a Page on Snapchat
  • Snapchat Advertising
  • Advanced tips and tricks to grow results on Snapchat

The Benefits of our Social Media Training for Snapchat

Initially, Snapchat was just regarded as a fun messenger app, where you could send immediate pictures and videos to your friends and family. Businesses are now using Snapchat to communicate with their consumers. Snapchat for business is simple and convenient to get started and very low maintenance to handle. While it may not be as useful for businesses with an elderly target audience to join Snapchat, the remainder of us can start at very little expense. Videos and pictures generated can also be used across other platforms in Stories to unify your content.

Following this training course, you will understand:

  • If Snapchat is the right option for your business
  • How brands have successfully leveraged Snapchat
  • What content to avoid
  • The different types of advertising options available on Snapchat
  • How to target the most relevant audience
  • How to define and measure your KPI’s
  • How to integrate Snapchat content across all channels
  • Next steps to develop a Snapchat marketing plan

Social Media Training for Snapchat: Course Overview

Social media has evolved tremendously over the last few years, and both large and small businesses now acknowledge that digital and social media marketing and a presence on at least one of the primary platforms can deliver enormous company benefits.
Once you’re focused on learning with our Snapchat Social Media Marketing Training, you’ll see why we’re the recommended course leaders in this area. We provide step-by-step techniques to boost your following and successfully market your business.

An Introduction to Snapchat

You can use your Snapchat account to tease a new service or product, give your audience a behind-the-scenes glance at an interesting development phase, or show them the face behind the business. If you give users an inside look that they can’t find anywhere else, they’ll keep returning for more.

Brands That Trust Us

How Brands Use Snapchat

Snapchat does not consider itself a social network, but, in reality, a camera company. Its audience is enthusiastic about communicating in a light-hearted manner through pictures and videos. Companies that flourish on the platform need to think visually and take their brand a bit less seriously. Our course will show you how to effectively:

  • Analyse how brands use Snapchat and how that varies across sectors
  • Insight into posting frequency, behaviour and engagement benchmarks
  • Review of content types that work across sectors
  • Defining editorial mix, and how brands plan content
  • Why brands post – objectives and goals for different businesses

Building Engaged Communities

By using social media to communicate directly with your customers, you have the ability to detect what they want, the challenges they face, and how you can satisfy them. In order to truly fulfil your consumers’ needs and make their lives simpler, you need to deliver a more tailored and efficient customer service.

Measurement and Reporting

In the past, brands would concentrate on their number of followers across social media platforms —a number that could easily be increased merely by spending some money on paid social. However, this achievement metric quickly decreased as social channels, altered algorithms to limit brand post-visibility.

The beauty of Snapchat is that you can’t see a follower count on your account or another brand’s account. The only metrics Snapchat displays are view counts on snapshots and screenshots (and those figures vanish after 24 hours), producing a distinctive algorithm with other metrics and methods to evaluate Snapchat’s achievement. Our course will cover how best to determine which content Snapchat earns the most attention and success.

Advertising Products

Like other social platforms, Snapchat has a number of distinct advertising products from which to choose. Depending on your objectives and budget, Snapchat Advertising offers a variety of attachment categories to boost your ROI successfully. Here’s a breakdown of each Snapchat advertisement that our course can help you accomplish:

  • Geofilters – how to design, produce and deploy location-based filters
  • Snap Ads – how to plan, buy, traffic and measure campaigns
  • Sponsored Lenses – how they’re produced and deployed
  • Snapchat API – how to leverage other platforms which access deeper ad features

Legal Guidelines

Staying within the law can be a major challenge for many businesses, predominantly seeing as regulation can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, most legal matters in social media have emerged as a consequence of accidents that could have been avoided.

Brands should implement a system for combatting user-generated content and acquire the required freedoms and legal permissions to prevent infringement. The use of imagery by a brand has a number of associated legal ramifications and liberties, such as possession of photos and media–we’re going to look at guidelines to settle your thoughts around this.

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Your Brand’s Snapchat Social Media Marketing Objectives

A marketing strategy for social media will assist your brand in meeting its objectives with a sense of purpose and unity. We’ve broken our Snapchat social media marketing guide into the main steps you need to define your objectives, engage audiences and optimise your business outcomes.

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Social Media Training for Snapchat – Duration

This is a one-day hands-on and interactive workshop intended to provide participants with a wide overview of the latest best practice marketing essentials for their business.

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