Social Media Training for Pinterest

Social Media Training for Pinterest: An Overview

Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin or corkboard that allows users to find and curate images and videos. Unlike other photo-sharing sites, the focus here is on discovering and curating other people’s content, not on storing your own.

This visual element of the site is one of the reasons why it captures the interest of so many companies, from retailers to photographers and designers, who use it as a portfolio or product catalogue.

Customers can state which products they love (bottles of alcohol, cars, cakes) and want to buy for themselves, and their friends can further endorse them by putting their photos on their boards.

Master Pinterest Marketing to grow your business!

You can join Pinterest as a business that lets you know what content on your website is most popular on Pinterest. We will help you get comfortable with the platform as a user, and then you can use that knowledge to work on your business presence.

One thing you can do before the course is to use it to get inspired: all that visual content will surely bring to mind ideas for marketing campaigns, photos, products, and other content. Sign up, browse, and let the site help you brainstorm your projects.

Why Choose Us for your Pinterest Social Media Marketing Training?

We have been delivering social media training programmes to business owners, marketers and communication specialists for more than nine years. Over the last decade, we have delivered more than 400 courses and seminars.

Our team of trainers are all specialists in actual social media marketing delivery, as well as training, which means we live and breathe social media marketing and do it ourselves on a day to day basis. The team won Best Agency of 2019 and Best Integrated Campaign of 2019 at the Prolific North Awards. So if you are interested in learning the very basics, develop further or pick up on the latest advancements in social media marketing theory and practice, we are positive we can provide the right course for you.

Hundreds of Brands trained every year

We are an award-winning team that has provided training courses up and down the country. We have delivered social media training programmes to big brands and household names all across the UK from Skipton Building Society, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Northumbria University, Engie, Barbour, Keepmoat Homes, Bonmarché, The University of Leeds, Manchester Metropolitan University and Games Workshop to name a few. If you require strategic social media training for your team, then we are the right team for you.

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We focus on ROI

Our team of social media trainers fully understand that a return on investment is now critical if you want to secure more funding for your social media programmes moving forward. We consider ROI for the construction of our courses, and we ensure that everything we do is aimed at being data and insight-driven first, so you can report on the most relevant KPIs and metrics first and then offer some explanation on what your investment in social media marketing has returned.

Brands That Trust Us

We are strategic

We are thoroughly focused on being as vital as possible with our social media courses and to help ensure you and your team get the most from it, we always provide a pre-training questionnaire to clarify what the attendees most want from the course. We then review these objectives during the course at the re-examine them at the training to ensure the attendees have got the maximum from the instruction on the day.

We have genuine Pinterest marketing expertise

You can be safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands, as our team have won more than 30 awards in the last five years for delivering excellent social media marketing and integrated PR campaigns. We are widely known in the industry to be the best Integrated PR, content marketing and social media agency in the North of the UK.

We speak your language and deliver actionable learning

Because our team are all award-winning marketing practitioners, we understand the little things you will need to know to get ahead. We won’t dress it up in corporate b*llshit – our training will be straight talking actionable learning that you can each take back to your desk from day one.

We offer Post-course support

For every training course, we deliver we offer four weeks post-course support, where any attendee can call our team in the office to ask for help, advice or a specific question about the content of the course. Our trainers will be more than happy to advise and help to make sure you are putting your new actionable learning into practice in your day job.

Our Social Media Classes are Interactive

All of our social media classes have interactive elements as social media marketing is online and we lik so where is the best place to practice? Each course will have several breakout sessions to make the attendees put what they have heard and seen into action. This is because we believe the best way to learn is actually to do it.

Our work is “big brand” standard

Our team has worked for big brands for several years – we know how challenging it can be to keep your team up to speed on the latest developments in digital and social media marketing. Every year we provide seminars on the latest social media trends and the latest shiny thing in marketing. We can help upskill your team, so they correctly understand the more strategic side of social media marketing.

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What will I learn with the Social Media Training for Pinterest?

Have your own professional-looking Pinterest business profile up and running by the end of the course. You will be able to use Pinterest to figure out precisely what your customers want. Optimise your Pinterest account to help your business be found on the key search engines such as Google and Bing Specifically, the course will look at the following:

  • How to create a business presence on Pinterest
  • The steps to growing your presence on Pinterest
  • Pinterest Content optimisation for better results
  • Best practices for managing a Profile/Board on Pinterest
  • Pinterest Advertising
  • Advanced tips and tricks to improve results on Pinterest

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The Benefits of our Social Media Training for Pinterest

This course on Pinterest will help demystify the rumours and give you a clear understanding of how you can maximise your usage of Pinterest. We will examine lots of different areas from content to strategy through to Promoted Pins.

Following this training course, you will be able to understand:

  • How to Increase your Brand awareness
  • How to Pinterest converts more browsers into buyers
  • How to get New leads and Increase sales
  • How Pinterest drives traffic
  • How to get additional blog traffic
  • How Pins get you more inbound links
  • Why User engagement is ridiculously high
  • The importance of Integrating Pinterest with your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account
  • What your audience loves

Social Media Training for Pinterest: Course Programme

Pinterest: An Introduction

  • Why use Pinterest for business?
  • Do Your Business Objectives Match with what Pinterest has to offer?
  • How to set up a Pinterest account for your business
  • Pins
  • Boards
  • Secret boards
  • Group boards
  • Feed

Using Pinterest for business: tips and tactics 100

  • Add save buttons to your site
  • Pin consistently
  • Focus on great visuals
  • But don’t neglect the words
  • Use Rich Pins when appropriate
  • Get social
  • Use analytics to improve results
  • Accessing Pinterest Analytics
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Pinterest Promoted Pins

Promoted pins is a paid advertising option for Pinterest. It allows you to promote your brand to an audience interested in all obvious things. Pinterest’s advertising platform runs on a CPC (cost per click) model that allows you to pay only when someone clicks a pin.

Promoted pins offer an opportunity to reach your audience through demographics and contextual factors. You can get the most value out of the promoted pins by extending your reach to people who might otherwise not see your pins. Once they’ve gotten their attention, you can turn that into social engagement, leadership, and sales.

A Promoted Pin offers a simple advertising module. To start with, you will select a pin that you want to use to promote your brand. Next, you’ll set your goals, and then you’ll choose your audience (potential pinners). Then you’ll make a CPC bid for your campaign and budget. We will look at all of this on our course.

Promoted Video campaign

The video stands out in a user’s feed and gives you an immersive way to tell your brand or product stories. You can use Promoted Video for all kinds of marketing goals, from awareness ads to conversion campaigns. You can choose where you want your videos to show up: In search results, in people’s feeds or the “more like this” section below a Pin closeup.

You can also select from audience, keyword or interest targeting to make sure you reach the right people. We will walk you through the world of promoted video.

Pinterest and The Social Media Landscape

  • Latest trends and developments
  • Current challenges and issues
  • Understanding the network economy
  • Case studies – good and bad examples

Pinterest Audiences For Social Media

The most recent demographic figures published by Pinterest show that 250 million people use it every month. With 80 per cent of new entries from outside the US, its international audience is growing fast. There is a higher proportion of female users, but Pinterest is demographically diversifying and increasingly appealing to millennial men.

If your target audience is active on Pinterest, it’s worth adding it to your marketing mix. For categories such as food, travel, home decor, fashion and beauty, Pinterest is an obvious choice. However, it can be made to work for almost any type of business, whether you sell products or services. Many service-based companies are doing very well on Pinterest. We will look into the following:

  • Understanding customer behaviours and drivers
  • Techniques to learn about customer needs
  • Audience profiling
  • Conversations through Social Media – how to create a dialogue
  • How to drive word of mouth
  • Cultivating relationships and building trust through Social Media 0

Pinterest tailored Social Media Content

Pinterest is a visual social media platform, which means that the pins you curate should always’ visualise’ the interests of your audience. Finding the right visuals to pin is not still as easy as searching for a topic and clicking a pin, and it may not guarantee engagement.

Make sure images are high resolution and look professionally simple is best images without faces perform 23 per cent better than those with faces softer images perform than darker images use original photos make sure to size your images correctly, as pins have a fixed width and an unlimited length, which can lead to i. Its board Wedded Bliss is packed with beautiful, high-resolution photos and provides excellent inspiration for bride-to-be planning.

  • Making your Pins more accessible
  • Add context through your descriptions
  • Use strong typography
  • Make sure the text is large enough that it can be read
  • Incorporate colour contrast
  • The customer journey: integrating channels
  • Developing an awareness ladder
  • Creating a content plan and calendar
  • Understanding popularity versus influence
  • How and why content “goes viral”

Measurement and Monitoring

Because Pinterest is the third-largest source of traffic on the internet, there is no doubt that your marketing efforts are already driving people to your site. Try to make sure you measure the exact number of Pinterest visitors to your website. This is extremely powerful for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. It’s valuable to understand which platform drives the most traffic to store-only businesses and online transactions to e-commerce stores. With this data, you can determine how much time you spend optimising images on your Pinterest site, how many items you add to your boards, and any other tactics you may use.

We will examine the following:

  • Analysis, techniques and tools
  • Interpreting the results
  • Benchmarking practices

Legal Guidelines

Staying within the law on social media can be a real challenge for most companies, mainly because legislation can be so overwhelming. However, most legal problems on social media have often occurred due to simple accidents.

Brands should establish a curation process for user-generated content and obtain the necessary rights and legal permissions for use to avoid infringement. A brand’s use of imagery has several associated legal ramifications and rights such as ownership of images and media – we will look a the best practices around this to put your mind at ease.

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