Social Media Strategy Training

Social Media Strategy Training: An Overview

In today’s ever-evolving world of multi-channel marketing, data analytics and communications, businesses are having to learn quicker than ever on where to invest their marketing budgets in order to get the best return on investment.

The importance of social media is now clear as millions of people use it to connect with others share content and discuss different topics. To keep your social media strategy up to date, it’s important to consider reviewing your channels and staying up to date with social media developments and best practice.

On this course, we will examine how Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube work, how organisations use them, and how you can use each channel to its full potential. This course will teach you to use tools to design, manage and optimise strategic social media campaigns. We will help you to figure out:

  • The Goal of Your Strategy
  • How to Stay Authentic on Social Media.
  • How to Make Sure You’re Producing Excellent Content.
  • How to Adapt Your Strategy for Each Platform.
  • When and How Often to Post

Master Social Media Strategy to grow your business!

If you are looking to effectively market and build awareness of your business or brand to a B2B market, for instance, a LinkedIn Company Page is something you should look into if you haven’t already. Our course on social media training will help explain the current social media landscape and pull together the different strands you need to grow your business effectively.

By connecting with current customers, potential leads and business partners, you can further amplify the reach of your content to them and increase the rate of conversion on your website.

Why Choose Us for your Social Media Strategy Training?

We have been delivering social media training programmes to marketers, business owners and communication specialists for more than nine years. Over the last ten years, we have delivered more than 400 courses and seminars.

Our team of trainers are all specialists in actual social media marketing delivery, as well as training, which means we live and breathe social media marketing and do it ourselves on a day to day basis. The team won Best Agency of 2019 and Best Integrated Campaign of 2019 at the Prolific North Awards. So if you are looking to either learn the very basics,to develop further, or pick up on the latest advancements in social media marketing theory and practice, we are positive we can provide the right course for you.

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Hundreds of Brands trained every year

We are an award-winning team that has provided training courses up and down the country. We have delivered social media training programmes to big brands and household names all across the UK from Skipton Building Society, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Northumbria University, Engie, Barbour, Keepmoat Homes, Bonmarché, The University of Leeds, Manchester Metropolitan University and Games Workshop to name a few. If you require strategic social media training for your team, then we are the right team for you.

We focus on ROI

Our team of social media trainers fully understand that a return on investment is now critical if you want to secure more funding for your social media programmes moving forward. We take ROI into consideration for the construction of our courses, and we ensure that everything we do is aimed at being data and insight-driven first, so you can report on the most relevant KPIs and metrics first and then offer some explanation on what your investment in social media marketing has returned.

We are strategic

We are thoroughly focused on being as vital as possible with our social media courses and to help ensure you and your team get the most from it, we always provide a pre-training questionnaire to clarify what the attendees most want from the course. We then review these objectives during the course at the re-examine them at the training to ensure the attendees have got the maximum from the training on the day.

We have genuine social media marketing expertise

You can be safe in the knowledge that you are in good hands, as our team have won more than 30 awards in the last five years for delivering excellent social media marketing and integrated PR campaigns. We are widely known in the industry to be the best Integrated PR, content marketing and social media agency in the North of the UK.

Brands That Trust Us

We speak your language and deliver actionable learning

Because our team are all award-winning marketing practitioners, we understand the little things you will need to know to get ahead. We won’t dress it up incorporate b*llshit – our training will be straight talking actionable learning that you can each take back to your desk from day one.

We offer Post-course support

For every training course we deliver we offer four weeks post-course support, where any attendee can call our team in the office to ask for help, advice or a specific question about the content of the course. Our trainers will be more than happy to advise and help to make sure you are putting your new actionable learning into practice in your day job.

Our Social Media Marketing Classes are Interactive

All of our social media classes have interactive elements as social media marketing is online – so where is the best place to practice? Each course will have several breakout sessions to make the attendees put what they have heard and seen into action. This is because we believe the best way to learn is actually to do it.

Our work is “big brand” standard

Our team has worked for big brands for several years – we know how challenging it can be to keep your team up to speed on the latest developments in digital and social media marketing. Every year we provide seminars on the latest social media trends and the latest shiny thing in marketing. We can help upskill your team, so they properly understand the more strategic side of social media marketing.

Who should attend the Social Media Strategy Training Course?

All of our social media courses are designed for either business owners, marketing teams or communications professionals that are looking to update their employees and improve their industry knowledge. To attend one of our courses, you will need to be a bright, enthusiast and most of all willing to learn something new and participate in the group discussions. If you are eager to learn, we will provide the building blocks to a much more successful social media marketing programme.

What will I learn on the Social Media Strategy Training Course?

On our social media training course, you will learn how to use social media and digital marketing in a structured, supported manner. You’ll learn the best practices in social media strategy that makes all the difference for creating effective web content. For instance, you will learn whether using emojis in your posts helps improve your impressions and engagement or whether Facebook has a problem with third-party scheduling apps and whether it’s worth investing in other channels or not.

You will learn how to publish instant announcements, when to send or schedule posts, how to pay for targeted messages, and so much more.

The more you interact with people online, the more you’ll understand how each platform works and learn the best way to. Our course provides detailed examples of social monitoring in action and allows you to get an overview of the different monitoring tools available for use and strategies for how you can use what you’ve learned and apply it to your own social media program.

If you want to learn more about how to get more followers, and then how to convert followers into buyers get yourself booked on this course.

  • How to Tailor Your Social Media Strategy to your Business Goals
  • The steps to growing your Business presence on Social Media starting with Social Media Strategy
  • Best practices for managing Your Social Media Strategy
  • Advanced tips and tricks to become a Social Media Strategy Expert
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The Benefits of our Social Media Strategy Training Course

You will leave our training course with:

  • An understanding of how to evaluate your organisation’s Social Media Strategy
  • The critical components of a successful Social Media Strategy
  • Practical Social Media Strategy blocks to take away and develop with your colleagues
  • Knowledge of how to create sustainable Social Media objectives
  • The skills to make your organisation on a journey to transform its Social Media

Social Media Strategy Training: Course Overview

Customers, Competitors and Channels: Insights and Analysis

  • Assessing your current stage of Social Media Strategy: getting a benchmark to understand your organisation’s levels of digital ability
  • Analyse the strengths of your organisation’s Social Media footprint using specialised frameworks
  • Free tools which demonstrate the effectiveness and any weaknesses of your Social Media footprint
  • How to evaluate your competitors to see who’s winning and why
  • Review the customer journey to see where there are gaps in your Social Media Strategy
  • The Voice of the Customer when building your Social Media marketing capability
  • What resources are available to capture insights
  • The critical factors in enhancing and enriching your audience personas and how these apply to the customer journey

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Building The Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy should fully integrate into your existing marketing efforts, and you aim to have a precise analysis of your target audience so that you can provide a solution to each of their problems. The combination of the brand’s goal and audience give rise to three other vital elements of an effective social media strategy we will look at these. This course will cover a number of areas breaking down the theory and showing practical examples we will examine a social media strategy carefully including.

  • The difference between Strategy and Tactics
  • The key strategic options for your company using a practical framework to take-away
  • The steps required to develop a Social Media Value Proposition
  • Using the Social Media Value Proposition to craft a proper strategy
  • How to write a proper Social Media Strategy with the building blocks for creating strategy statements
  • How to develop sustainable SMART objectives for your organisation

Developing Your Actionable Social Media Plan

Where some businesses or brands have set up profiles on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to be where their customers are. We will help guide you so you can get back to your desk and pull a social media plan together based on factual data and insights.

Before beginning the implementation of a social media plan, it’s a good idea to get expert analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and that of your competition. A good social media plan must always stem from a strategic review and audit of your company and your current social media efforts. It is about strategically creating, building and maximising your social activity to connect with your target audience more effectively.

  • Turn your SMART objectives into practical actions
  • How the audience segmentation and mapping the customer buying cycle can improve the effectiveness
  • The range of resources to make your Social Media plan happen
  • The metrics that matter – and those that don’t!
  • Developing relevant KPI’s for your organisation and measure Social Media success

Improving and Transforming Social Media Marketing

By continuously improving your content and increase reach, brands will naturally grow their audience and in turn, customers. How successful are your social media accounts today?

For instance, if you take inventory of how many views, you’re getting on Instagram Stories before your new strategy is being implemented, you can see if the new concepts are improving these overall numbers or not.

We will cover loads of elements that will help you improve your social media efforts these include:

  • The nine steps to Social Media transformation
  • Applying the steps to Social Media transformation – and the challenges
  • How to enhance and transform your organisation’s Social Media
  • How to integrate aspects of offline and online Social Media marketing
  • Develop your blueprint for strategic Social Media management
  • Quick wins to create your 90-day action plan

Legal Guidelines

Staying within the law on social media can be a real challenge for most companies, mainly because legislation can be so overwhelming. However, most legal problems on social media have often occurred due to simple accidents.

Brands should establish a curation process for user-generated content and obtain the necessary rights and legal permissions for use to avoid infringement. A brand’s use of imagery has several associated legal ramifications and rights such as ownership of images and media – we will look a the best practices around this to put your mind at ease.

  • Ethics – the laws behind Social Media
  • Legal best practices

Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy Objectives

We will break into groups and discuss your brand’s social media objectives and whether they are right and why they have been selected. You will get to raise your issues as to why you feel your objectives are correct.

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Social Media Training Avalability

Digital Social Media Strategy Training – Duration

This course can be delivered in a half-day or full-day format.

Digital Social Media Strategy Training – Cost

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