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Social Selling Training: An Overview

Social sales is an inbound sales strategy that is comparable to lead nurturing. Rather than just cold calling, hard-selling, and scripting discussions, inbound social selling is about linking and communicating with prospective and present clients across multiple social networks.

It’s an excellent way to establish positive relationships with potential clients, so you’re the first individual or business they think about whenever they’re preparing to purchase a product or service.

Social selling is not only about trying to gain access to potential clients, but more about establishing relationships and paying close attention to joining a conversation at the precise moment so you can portray your brand as a solution to a problem. The objective is to resolve the urgent need to make life simpler for your client rather than just becoming another anonymous irritant to avoid.

Master Social Selling to grow your business!

Developing a strong network through multiple social media channels enables you to discover new sales opportunities through ongoing shared connections, establishing an instant feeling of confidence and loyalty. That loyalty is an extremely significant element for both customers and salespeople, with 87 per cent of B2B consumers stating that they would have a positive impression of someone introduced through their professional network.

Social selling enables salespeople to have precise target opportunities, to develop relationships and networks, and potentially even to abandon the infamous procedure of cold calling that we seem to hate in the UK. If you have not yet integrated social selling into your business, you are already prone to losing business to other socially knowledgeable opponents. However, that’s going to alter once you’ve finished taking part in our course.

Why Choose Us for your Social Selling Training?

We are a team of social media marketing experts dedicated to the development of a distinctive marketing strategy for Social Selling. Over the course of nine years, we have given and trained more than 300 company owners, marketers and communications experts. We believe that this gives us the right quantity of information to ensure that your company gets excellent instructions on how to use Social Selling to its greatest potential.

We are firmly focussed on ROI

A key performance indicator of social media is ROI. Calculating ROI is vital to obtaining buy-in and budget for your social marketing program. Furthermore, it demonstrates what performs successfully and what hasn’t — allowing you to change resources and strategies to be more productive. Our training courses emphasise how your business can examine these numbers and use them to model the best outcomes from your social activity.

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We are strategic thinkers

We concentrate on what’s crucial for selling to other businesses. By developing and applying a social selling strategy, you will be able to make your technique a reliable generator of brand awareness and revenue for your business.

We have genuine Social Selling expertise

Throughout the last nine years, our team has won more than 30 awards for exceptional social media marketing, content marketing and integrated PR campaigns. We are widely considered throughout the industry as the best-integrated PR, content marketing and social media agency in the North of the United Kingdom.

Brands That Trust Us

We deliver genuine actionable learning

By supplying your employees with an opportunity to develop their creative skills, they will leave our course with a thorough understanding of how best to apply social selling to both their workplaces and their ordinary daily lives.

We offer Post-course support

For each training program we provide, we guarantee four weeks of post-course support whereby any participant can contact our team in the office to ask for help, advice or specific questions about the content of the course. Our specialists will be glad to offer a helping hand to guarantee that you put your creative new learning into practice during your day-to-day operations.

Our Social Media Classes are Interactive

By integrating interactive content as part of our Social Selling lessons as a means of helping our audience, we have found a more useful way of educating those who participate through creativity and active involvement. Each course offers several group meetings to prompt participants to adopt what they have learned, as we think the best way to learn is by doing.

Our work is “big brand” standard

After helping other big brands to establish themselves as the leading presence for nine years, our team knows and understands how to improve your brand’s social presence using the latest and most effective methods.

Who should attend the Social Selling Training Course?

The most significant distinction between social sales and conventional sales tactics is that while the former focuses primarily on short-term sales outcomes, social selling is more about constructing long-term relationships. To connect with customers — and prospective customers — you need to demonstrate the human aspect of your brand. How are you promoting the values of your brand? How are you exploring for the long term interests of your clients and staff? Is your product helping?

The ability to develop a genuine human relationship is among the core business benefits of social media. These are known as Meaningful Relationship Moments. Our Social Selling Training Course is ideal for business owners, marketing teams or communications experts looking to become marketing gurus and achieve these relationships, intending to leave with an improved knowledge of how to be genuinely fruitful in Social Selling.

What will I learn with the Social Selling Training Course?

Social Selling methods are now an essential component of any effective marketing strategy and are pioneering sales and prospecting. This specialist digital and social sales course will equip you with the expertise and abilities required at all phases, from defining opportunities to participating in ideas to promoting that final sale. You will learn:

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The Benefits of our Social Selling Training Course

Social media is rapidly becoming the go-to channel for salespeople to discover new opportunities and achieve their sales objectives. In practical terms, 90% of the highest-performing salespeople are now utilising social media as part of their marketing strategy.
If you want to maintain your business in the ever-changing landscape of today’s sales, then you need to re-evaluate how social media could be used as a component of your marketing strategy. Regrettably, two-thirds of businesses are yet to develop a social media strategy for their sales organisation. This can change with our course with will help you to have a deeper understanding of:

  • The business case for using social media channels to boost B2B sales
  • The fundamental approaches to successful social selling
  • The best platforms for your personal, professional brand and prospect identification
  • How to create an online profile that people will be pleased to discover
  • Smart approaches to content published online to strengthen your professional profile
  • Techniques to engage your best prospects with tailored content
  • Converting prospects to qualified leads
  • Effective hand-over and follow-up protocols so you don’t “lose the sale.”

Social Selling Training: Course Overview

If you have a Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn profile, or a professional Twitter account, you’re already participating in the basics of social selling — even if you’ve never genuinely used the phrase to classify your digital operations, or even thought much about what social selling implies.
With prospects socially exchanging so much data regarding their requirements, wishes, and specific problems on their online profiles, even your first point of communication can be customised, meaningful, and beneficial, rather than intrusive and cold. This adds to a more substantial lasting possibility and participation of clients, with 31 per cent of B2B specialists saying that social selling tools have allowed them to maintain stronger relationships.

The Power of Social Selling

Since the beginning of the digital age and social media, the purchaser’s journey has changed drastically. Buyers are using their social networks to research and compare goods, with reports saying that 75% of B2B consumers use social media to support purchase choices. Consequently, it is no revelation to discover that salespeople utilising social networks outperform their competitors with a quota achievement of 66 per cent higher than those using traditional methods.
All the statistics point to the reality that Social Selling is continuously improving outcomes. If you’re not actively involved in social selling, you don’t appear in social purchase research: meaning you’re missing much potential revenue.

Readying For The Sale: Building Trusted Relationships

Social media is far more than a platform for advertising your goods, services and content. This two-way communication can involve and connect with your clients, providing an array of opportunities. These interactions assist in establishing confidence in your business and build a community around your brand. It would help if you had trust to create a genuine relationship with your customers and motivate repeat sales and referrals.

Building Your Personal Brand

Implementing a Social Selling strategy means that you are the one to decide what your social media presence shows about who you are. You have absolute control of what the public sees and which messages you convey to the outside world. Our course will help you understand how you can achieve this through a quick start guide to standing out by publishing compelling content online to build your profile and attract new prospects.

Measurement And Monitoring of your Social Selling

While it may seem simple to engage with individuals online, there is an art to interacting in a manner that transforms contacts into leads and leads to sales. Besides, businesses need to have statistics in place to calculate their performance to determine what works and what doesn’t to guarantee the success of social transactions.

Businesses need to adopt a more comprehensive method of measuring the total achievement of their social sales. Representatives should tactically prepare their social selling, have metrics to calculate accomplishments and be ready to modify policies that do not perform successfully.

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Finding and Connecting with the Right Prospects

Beyond the original purchase, keep in mind that 53 per cent of customer loyalty is influenced by a salesperson’s capacity to offer distinctive insights, a skill that salespeople can initially exhibit through their distribution of social media content, and later verify through their maintained social ties with previous customers.

Our Social Selling training course will assist you in understanding the correct way to locate and connect with your top tier customers and newest prospects alongside time-efficient listening techniques and how to demonstrate the winning behaviours and habits of effective social sellers.

Legal Guidelines

Staying within the law can be a significant challenge for many businesses, predominantly seeing as regulation can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, most legal matters in social media have emerged as a consequence of accidents that could have been avoided.

Brands should implement a system for combatting user-generated content and acquire the required freedoms and legal permissions to prevent infringement. The use of imagery by a brand has several associated legal ramifications and liberties, such as possession of photos and media–we’re going to look at guidelines to settle your thoughts around this.

Engaging Your Prospects with Insights

Through using social media to interact directly with your customers, you can track what they want, the issues they face, and how you can help them. To truly meet the requirements of your customers and make their lives easier, you must provide more customised and effective customer service.

Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing Objectives

A marketing strategy for social media will assist your brand in meeting its objectives with a sense of purpose and unity. We’ve broken our Social Media marketing guide into the main steps you need to define your goals, engage audiences and optimise your business outcomes.

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Social Selling Training – Duration

This is a one-day hands-on and interactive workshop intended to provide participants with a broad overview of the latest best practice marketing essentials for their business.

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