Social Media Training for Luxury Brands

Social Media Training for Luxury Brands: An Overview

You want to help provide real value and deliver your brand story in a way that encourages the right customer to relate to you trust you and then obviously to purchase from you. Over 500M visit Instagram daily making it a great place to build relationships with all kinds of engaged communities from fashionistas to travel lovers’ millennials to high-end consumers – we will help you look at this channel and others in order to help you grow your brand in the right manner that keeps you both relevant and interesting. We will look at how Twitter works how organisations use it and how you can use it to its full potential.

Master Social Media Management to Promote your Luxury Brand!

Big-spending luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Gucci are all committing large budgets towards social media as they target social networks in the pursuit of younger shoppers. Without the entry barriers of magazine advertising— where a one-page glossy ad can cost tens of thousands of pounds— sites like Instagram have made it possible for unknown labels to find audiences with shrewd or clever campaigns.

As the use of bloggers and influencers becomes even more mainstream, fees per sponsored post ordered by those with four million followers have reached well over £15K according to marketing experts. We will show you how you can maximise social media to stay ahead of the curve, and you can maximise your luxury social media budget.

Why Choose Us for your Luxury Brand Social Media Training?

For more than nine years, we have been delivering social media training programs to business owners, marketers and communications specialists. Over the last decade, we’ve delivered more than 400 courses and seminars.

Our team of content trainers are all specialists in the delivery of Luxury Social Media, as well as training, which means that we live and breathe Luxury Social Media and do it on a daily basis. The team won the Best Agency in 2019 and the Best Integrated Campaign in 2019 at the Prolific North Awards. So if you’re looking to either learn the basics, develop further, or pick up on the latest advances in social media marketing theory and practice, we’re positive that we can give you the right course.

Hundreds of Luxury Brands Social Media trained every year

Hundreds of Brands trained every year. We are an award-winning team that has provided training courses across the country. We have delivered Luxury Social Media training programs to major brands and household names across the UK from the Skipton Building Society, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Northumbria University, Engie, Barbour, Keepmoat Homes, Bonmarché, University of Leeds, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Games Workshops to name a few. If you need strategic Luxury Social Media training for your team, we’re the right team for you.

Our Social Media Training for Luxury Brands is focussed on ROI

Our team of Luxury Social Media trainers fully understand that a return on investment is now critical if you want to secure more funding for your Luxury Social Media programmes moving forward. We take ROI into consideration for the construction of our courses, and we ensure that everything we do is aimed at being data and insight-driven first, so you can report on the most relevant KPIs and metrics first and then offer some explanation on what your investment in social media marketing has returned.

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We are strategic

We are very focused on being as vital as possible with our social media courses and to help ensure that you and your team get the most out of it, we always provide a pre-training questionnaire to clarify what the participants most want from the course. We will then review these objectives during the course of the re-examination of the training to ensure that the participants receive the maximum from the instruction on the day.

We have genuine  Social Media expertise for Luxury Brands

You can be confident that you are in good hands, as our team has won more than 30 awards over the last five years for delivering excellent Luxury Social Media and integrated PR campaigns. We are widely known in the industry as the best-integrated PR, content marketing and social media agency in the North of the United Kingdom.

We speak your language and deliver actionable learning

Because our team is made up of award-winning marketing practitioners, we understand the little things you need to know to get ahead of you. We’re not going to dress it up in corporate rubbish – our training is going to be straight-talking actionable learning that you can take back to your desk from day one.

We offer Post-course support

For each training course we deliver, we offer four weeks of post-course support where any attendee can call our team in the office to ask for help, advice or specific questions about the content of the course. Our trainers will be more than happy to advise and help ensure that you put your new workable learning into practice in your day-to-day work.

Our Classes are Interactive

All of our Luxury Social Media classes have interactive elements as Luxury Social Media is online–so it is the best place to practice. Each course will have several breakout sessions to get the attendees to put into action what they’ve heard and seen. This is because we believe that the best way to learn is actually to do it.

Our work is “big brand” standard

Our team has been working for major brands for a number of years–we know how challenging it can be to keep your team up to date on the latest developments in digital and luxury Social Media. Every year, we deliver seminars on the latest trends in social media and the latest shiny thing in marketing. We can help your team to understand the more strategic side of social media marketing.

Who should attend our Social Media Training for Luxury Brands?

All of our Luxury Social Media courses are designed for business owners, marketing teams or communications professionals looking to update their employees and improve their industry knowledge. In order to take part in one of our courses, you will need to be bright, passionate and, most of all, willing to learn something new and participate in group discussions. If you’re eager to learn, we’ll provide the building blocks for a much more successful Luxury Social Media.

What will I learn with the Social Media Training for Luxury Brands?

This course will help guide you through how to make the most from your social media activities for your luxury brand. We will showcase studies of successful campaigns and those that have gone awry. The key is to ensure you portray the right professional image on social media, so your brand maintains its excellent reputation. We will teach you some tips and tricks on how to do this but also how to stay on top of the latest developments on social media.

How to develop effective digital marketing campaigns

  • How to maximise the balance between bought, owned and earned digital media
  • How to build luxury brands through digital marketing
  • How to integrate digital campaigns into classic media
  • How to measure and evaluate online marketing campaigns for luxury brand

How to build relationship marketing programmes for luxury brands

  • How to improve the impact of your creative messages in digital marketing
  • How to manage your digital and advertising agencies most effectively

Social Media Training for Luxury Brands – The Foundations

The foundations in luxury social media are extremely important we will look at the killer aspects of why it is important and which platforms are best for which brands. We will look at the best ways to plan and the best ways to amplify your content to your committed fans. We will look at different strategies and help you to decide on what is going to be best for you when you get back to your office. We will also look at the following:

  • Why is social media important for Luxury Brands?
  • Which social media platform is best for Luxury Brands?
  • How do you create a social media plan for Luxury Brands?
  • How can social media be used to promote Luxury Brands?
  • Research and analysis strategies
  • Luxury and the digital age
  • Generation Z and other market segments
  • Social media and digital marketing strategies
  • Creating a luxury marketing campaign

How Should My Luxury Brands Use Social Media?

It’s understandable why luxury brands have been reluctant to move online. Yet, with print and display ads declining, and luxury shoppers spending more time online and on mobile devices, luxury brands need to adapt, not only to survive in the digital universe but also to flourish. In our detailed course, we will cover areas on how you can do this, including:

  • Keep it Social
  • Luxury Lifestyle photography
  • Great customer service
  • Tell your story through social media

Brands That Trust Us

Twitter Social Media Training for Luxury Brands: Course Programme

The most successful brands on Twitter, whether its B2C or B2B, have a crystal clear strategy. Without this, you’ll waste countless time, effort and money posting Tweeting with no idea of how your activities are helping your organisation meet its goals. This course will outline how to create a successful plan and carry it out in a way that will enhance your company’s Twitter presence and build up a relevant audience. Like any new toy, Twitter will take some getting used to and the best way to be hands-on, once you have your plan of action.

Luxury Brand Social Media Strategy: The secret formula of luxury brands

Developing a social media strategy for your luxury brand is the most effective way to use and make the most of social media. It’s a detailed plan of everything you want to do on social media to achieve a set goal or goals, and these apply in the luxury and premium markets too.

The course will include:

  • Upholding exclusivity
  • Create experiences
  • Engage emotions
  • Harnessing the power of influence
  • A commitment to video
  • A platform-specific approach
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Be part of the conversation online

Social media encourages users to share content from a wide variety of sources to start conversations to inspire and generate authentic web traffic. On this course, we will look at how you can contribute to these conversations and how you can create them from scratch.

  • Contribute to conversations
  • Create the conversations

Share Relevant Content News

Social media marketing is all about sharing the most interesting and the most relevant content at the right time. We will help you identify what this content is and how you can share it. We will cover the following:

  • Be Relevant
  • Show Your Support (locally and wider)

Customer Service and Response Time

It’s never been easier for anyone with a smartphone or a digital camera to record their own video footage and broadcast it to anyone. Just pull the smartphone out of your pocket, click Record, and you’ve got footage that you can edit and distribute instantly.

But it takes more than that to make your footage look professional, especially in the luxury sector. Here we will cover some useful tips for creating up-to-scratch videos with a smartphone or digital camera.


Copywriting for online is very important, as excellent communication skills for influencer outreach, for instance, are essential and digital copywriting that is brilliant ensures you maintain a strong brand presence and pull people in. We will help you with this.

Social Media Training for Luxury Brands: Marketing Strategy

Understanding the role of strategic planning in luxury social media is critical. You need to plan and develop a marketing strategy that is adaptable.

Run Contests & Giveaways

There are a number of ways in which social media can help drive business success whether for lead generation to direct more traffic to your website growing general brand awareness delighting customers with speedy responses to customer service queries or for marketing sales and business development. We will make sure that we cover how a quick response time is now more important than ever.

Crisis management

Our MD is an expert in online crisis management and has delivered numerous seminars on the subject, and he was even asked to write the chapter on Online Crisis Management for the CIPR’s social media handbook. We will examine a few crises properly and look at how you can avoid a small issue before it becomes a crisis.

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How to Use Social Media to Make Your Luxury Event Take Off?

Website visits and repeat customers can be achieved in a number of ways, including sponsoring Web contests, offering free sample products, and providing value-added customer services. Keep your photo contests creative and fun and ask your employees, friends and family to participate to get the momentum going. We will discuss how to do this but still keep a luxury feel to what you are doing.

Building a luxury brand community

The aura of exclusivity that surrounds many luxury brands is fundamental to their wider appeal, and great content is increasingly becoming an essential ingredient in any luxury marketing strategy. But while setting yourself apart is crucial to luxury brands, they also need to strike a balance between maintaining both this and the right amount of accessibility to feed aspiration and growth.

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Smartphone video production

With today’s affluent society turning to online platforms for brand and product discovery, it is important for luxury brands to make social media stand out in a positive manner.

We will discuss the best practices of social media for luxury brands looking to grow while protecting their reputation. Increasing amounts of social media data are unstructured, which means that brands have an opportunity to understand the emotions, conversations and experiences of clients better.

How are you using social media to promote your Luxury Brand?

We will look at how you can use social media to maximise your luxury event calendar. Twitter combines social networking and microblogging, enabling users to share short messages, and it is ideal for commenting on live events. It is also perfect for location-based campaigns.

Other ideas for boosting event elements include posting in stream photos of infographics behind the scenes shots and adding relevant links. We will look at the various tactics you can use to make the most from your next event.

The Benefits of our Social Media Training for Luxury Brands

There are several benefits to this luxury social media training which include enhancing skills because by training your staff, you can harness the power of their presentation skills and their enhanced marketing skills.

By empowering your marketing team through the development of their social skills and knowledge, you will give them a sense of ownership.

Managing your social media allows you to cut a middleman between you and your customers. We know your customers are online, and we know they’re likely to have questions about your brand or have something to say about you (positive or negative), so who’s better off talking to these customers than you and your employees? After all, who knows your brand better than those who represent it every single day? Social media marketing is about so much more than just talking to your customers with promotional messages once a day; the real value comes from engagement. With the right level of knowledge, a sense of ownership and confidence in your own abilities, your home teams are the perfect people to engage with your clients online on a daily basis.

Luxury Brands Social Media Training Tips

Both new and well-established brands use social media to increase their follow-up, generate leads and increase sales. Building a brand using social might feel like a huge undertaking with all the various platforms available to you. But it’s easier than ever to use social media to connect with people and organically grow your luxury brand.

Whether you’ve just started or been active on social media platforms for years, there’s always room for improvement. Each platform has different uses for it.

In this session, we will cover social media tips and tricks that you can use to optimise your marketing strategy.

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Social Media Training Avalability

Luxury Brands Social Media Training Duration

This luxury social media training course can be undertaken over a half-day or a full day depending on your requirements.

Luxury Brands Social Media Training Cost

If you are interested in training your social media team and would like a cost, please feel free to either drop us an email or give us a call.

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