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We’re all pretty much experts on something these days. Since social media broke through into the mainstream in the mid-2000s, everyone seems to want to be a social media expert. So many of the world’s trends in technology, business, marketing, entertainment and global communication are closely linked to our use of social media, and that seems to have opened up opportunities for people all over.

However, you don’t need a degree or diploma to become a social media marketer today. It is possible to work in social media without a degree or diploma or any certification at all. However, in that case, employment opportunities could be limited, so we certainly wouldn’t advise it. So aspiring social media marketers will most likely need a little more training and experience to establish themselves as a social media specialist.

Social media marketers still use traditional marketing principles and online media best practices to market brands, products and services to drive traffic to their website, to increase the visibility of their brand, product, service or even to promote themselves.
A trustworthy social media expert will use social analytics to identify any gaps and find areas for improvement in their content.

Social Media Marketing Blogs that offer great social media resources

How we receive news, information, and how we communicate at work is fundamentally changing here in the UK. There is a whole wealth of knowledge about social media marketing out there in the vast world of cyberspace. However, many people ask the question – where is the most accessible place to seek help for social media marketing? Which websites, blogs and podcasts are the best on the planet? Well if you haven’t checked it out yet – you should check out our MD Chris Norton’s blog here, he covers a lot of the social media activity we get up to and a variety of the videos we film, but there are a lot, so he can’t cover them all.

We read a wide range of resources at this end to stay up-to-date on trends and innovations in social media marketing. The list is long, and it’s more than most people have time to read or need to learn to know how to stay in the social media. We’ve submitted a list of a few resources you may find useful.

Social Media Explorer

Social Media Examiner is the world’s largest social media marketing resource, and it helps millions of businesses discover how social media can best be used to connect with customers, drive traffic, raise awareness, and increase sales.

It brings original and comprehensive articles, expert interviews, innovative research and news that you need to improve your social media marketing.

Their significant events and training opportunities give you access to top industry experts so that you can remain at the forefront of social media marketing. Every month, more than 1 million monthly marketers are looking forward to its original daily articles in their online magazine.
They also produce The Social Media Marketing Podcast, which is a 45-minute weekly interview show hosted by our founder, Michael Stelzner.

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Prohibition’s social media and content marketing blog

This social media blog contains the thoughts and case studies from our agency’s day to day operations to give you a feel for the kind of work the team do in the field. On the blog, the team cover everything from social media marketing, social strategy, content marketing, influencer relations, public relations, crisis communications and video production. It is an informal blog packed with useful tips from different members across the team.

The Social Pros Podcast:

The Social Pros podcast is one of the most popular marketing pods in the planet, and recently won the title of best podcast at the Content Marketing Awards. People listen to this for genuine insight into the real marketers doing interesting work in social media. It gives the listener the inside stories and behind-the-scenes secrets about how companies like Dell, IBM, , Ford, ESPN, and dozens more bits, operate and measure their social media programs. It is a fun listen and does manage to cover some rather strategic topics rather than the straightforward stuff.

Brands That Trust Us

A free social media policy:

A social media policy is essential for small business owners, or marketers, especially those with young employees or those who rely on social media to promote their companies. Having limits on how to use social media over time, and clarifying what is and what is not considered appropriate to share (whether as an ndividual or a representative of the company) are policies that will only help you in the long run, mainly when nasty incidents occur. Here you can get a free policy to tweak as you see fit. The first is more formal and reflective of a company that doesn’t require employees to post about their brand. The free template is a formal social media policy starter that is appropriate for companies that do not want employees to post inappropriately, and for those who wish to grounds to include inappropriate non-company time postings in their progressive discipline.

HubSpot Marketing Blog

The HubSpot marketing blog is an excellent resource packed with information on how to market your business. Their services are useful too, but the blog is full of templates, advice and resources you can use in your content marketing journey.

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Social Media Image Templates

Social media platforms are always upgraded, which means that they often change their profile and cover photo dimensions, layouts and criteria for uploaded pictures. It can be difficult to keep up with all of this. We understand that you’re busy; you can’t spend all your time scouring the web for information that’s bound to change again tomorrow.

Social Media Imagery

However, high-quality and creative imagery is vital to the success of social media marketing, so it is crucial to know the proper dimensions of each network you use. So to help here is a helpful little resource called a social media cheat sheet of all the image sizes you will need – well done to the team that created this.

Social Media templates:

Here are nine social media templates from Hootsuite to save a load of time and effort. There is one for every stage of your social marketing journey; they seem to have looked at all stages from content planning, content creation, publishing, and measuring results. All you need to do is complete, customise, and execute the templates.

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