As you know in our day job at Prohibition we are constantly running campaigns for clients that are targeting different audiences, sometimes these can be pretty dry and other times they can be very interesting. Singletrackworld We are currently running a blogger outreach campaign for our client Storage Options as they have just launched a new product for cyclists and mountain bikers. It’s called BikeCam and it films from the helmet or handlebars – it’s a great little product and so we wanted to get the gadget into the actual enthusiasts hands and hear what they personally thought of it. As part of this project we have done some research and we have compiled a list of bike blogs and sites that we think are the best in the UK. I created this list by reading and reviewing each site and have used my own personal preference. I have found that most good bike blogs focus on useful advice and tips for where and when to go – many of them offer some useful reviews too. I also noticed that many contain some amazing photography. I have probably picked the wrong time of year for this but it still inspired me to go out for a ride.

Apologies if there is anyone I have missed off but please feel free to share your blog in the comments section if you think it will be of interest. After all, the more the merrier. If we get more added I will review this list and do another one for 2012.

Position Site What I think.
1 An interesting online magazine that looks at everything from hardware through to new bits and pieces. It has a well populated forum and widely used blog.
2 The Best of UK Trail Riding He also writes for Road Cycling UK. I absolutely love some of the creative imagery on this site. It makes me want to go out and buy a new bike. If you want to know where to do your trails this site is for you.
3 Bike Radar is dubbed as one of the most comprehensive sites for cycling in the UK and to be honest it doesn’t disappoint. There are some great write ups on here and this also has a very popular forum where people share tips and advice.
4 You have got to love the name on this one. The blog did seem a bit out of date with nothing on since August but the rest of the site has everything you need. A huge hat tip to the fact they have 20,000 Facebook fans that should be commended.
5 This site is brilliant for the BMX enthusiast – it also has an iphone app. Some of the stunts on here are amazing – I would love to witness some of these guys doing the business.
6 This site feels like a professional online publication about the wider side of cycling it is packed with blogs, news and reviews. There is also a marketplace for you to buy and sell your old gear.
7 London Cyclist is written by Andreas who apparently lives in Swiss Cottage – the place not the actual cottage I am guessing. He believes London is one of the best cities he has visited and his two passions are cycling and blogging. I think Andreas should be proud of himself here this is a well executed blog with some great tips and advice.
8 TredzTalk is a bike blog about a team from South Wales, their bikes and other bits they like. It is designed to lift the lid on their company and also features news and information that simply won’t fit on the main site. They seem to be pretty good on social media and offer to answer questions for you. You can follow the team here:!/TredzBikes
9 I will let you judge this one for yourselves.
10 This is Karl’s blog from the North of the UK he talks about his love of cycling in his own way. His claim to fame is that he wrote the story Mr Noisy from the Mr Men!
11 This cycling blog is written by Tejvan Pettinger who has been cycling since he was 15. He joined Otley CC taking part in the traditional Sunday club run.In 1996, he became a member of the Oxford University Cycling club and he began racing in 2004, since 2005 he has raced for Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team.
12 A site that has quite a few reviews on it.
13 This adventure cycling blog is written by Tom. Since 2007 he has been going on bike adventures to places like Sudan, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Mongolia and Lapland. He lives all over the place apparently and he wrote a great post (why I could relate to) on why he wasn’t a superstar DJ. This guy is on a lot of social channels and seems to love them.
14 Road racing, mountain biking, 29ers and bicycle product reviews from Quest Adventure in West Sussex
15 This is Matthew Robinson’s blog. He is a married 40-something living in Birmingham, with his wife Clare and baby son Oscar. He has been cycling for pleasure, fitness and practicality for years and used to cycle to work in London (bonkers if you ask me) and he rides longer distances whenever possible, including a few tours – Land’s End to John O’Groats, and in France, Germany and the Czech Republic (see details above). I know this is number 15 but I really like this blog it is well written and some of the imagery is lovely too a job well done I think.

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