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A revolution is happening in the craft beer world, with new brands debuting and marketing/branding strategies being altered. To discuss these developments further, this podcast episode features my good friend and Head of Marketing at Brew York, Rachel Auty, who has extensive knowledge on both beer and marketing.

As a director of Beer Writers, Auty is also the founder of Women on Tap, a programme created to recognise and promote the success of women in the brewing sector.

Themes discussed:

Going beyond just a nice name and logo

In the ever-increasing craft beer sector, establishing a unique and recognisable brand is essential. With so many beer varieties out there, breweries must go beyond just their name and logo to stand out from the crowd. This involves creating an identity based on the beer they produce, the community they cultivate, and their commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Going alcohol free

Breweries have had to expand their product range recently due to the increasing popularity of alcohol-free beer as people have become more conscious of living healthy after the COVID-19 pandemic. This is evidenced by the 23% rise in sales of low and no-alcohol beer between 2022-23 compared to the preceding 12 months, a trend which is mainly driven by GenZ and millennials.

Female entrepreneurship

Are we taking sufficient action to motivate women to enter the brewing industry? YouGov’s research indicates that women account for a mere 17% of the British beer market. Nevertheless, a growing number of women are challenging the status quo and taking on managerial roles. Women on Tap, created by Auty, offers a forum for lauding and supporting female brewers. It is a testament to the changing dynamics in the industry.

Social media and craft beer branding

Finally, what affect does social media have on craft beer branding? It is more than just a means of advertising newly released beers; it is a place for telling stories, connecting with customers and displaying the inner workings of a brewery. With this in mind, it is important to consider when planning for content strategy. Brew York puts social media to use to break into the market and reinforce its brand, utilising its potential to be noticed in the saturated market.

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