I found this little Ad by dating app Bumble amusing, a nice play on first dates, and how difficult it is going to be after the lockdowns. I have to admit I am glad I don’t have to go through the dating game again but if I did I think Bumble looks like the platform to do it on. Not taking yourself too seriously is a great thing when it comes to dating because it can be pretty awkward.

At the moment of writing, this video had 29,125 views which I expect to go up over the coming weeks. To be honest that amount of view is pretty poor for something as amusing as this – they should have dropped me a line and we could of seeded this video for them.

It describes itself in the bumf as:

It’s time to get back out into the dating scene this summer! We might be a little rusty, okay maybe more than a little… but everyone is in the same boat. So turn those nerves into excitement and take control of your dating life with Bumble, whatever that might look like! What are you waiting for? #MakeTheFirstMove #JustGoForIt

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