So this week has been interesting in the world of politics and I am not even talking about the famous Pie Tax. No this week the Government recommended that we all get a jerry can and fill it up at the fuel pumps because of a looming Fuel Tanker drivers strike. This is a strike that has not been confirmed yet and there is no date for. So what does the majority of the UK population do? Exactly, what David and his boys tell us. We start panic buying petrol and queuing up and causing havoc on the roads. We really are a country of geniuses aren’t we? Sometimes I tend to think we are just sheep that will listen to our lord and masters and do everything we are told.

So now we are in that amazing situation that petrol has run out all over the country – including three of the four local petrol stations I passed this morning – and all for nothing apart from a terrible bit of messaging from the Government.

I am sorry but whichever way you look at this, it is, to use Labour’s descriptive a total “Shambles”. The handling and messaging of this have been truly awful and they need to review this process in future. What’s more worrying for me though is the fact that everyone feels the need to fill their cars to the top because  those people that don’t have much fuel can’t actually get any and why? There is still actually no strike and there won’t be one for at least seven days either! What a ridiculous situation. Come on David sort it out and now! It makes me laugh that his background was PR because that is one big mess.

Now where is my Jerry can?

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