Well after hearing a rave review from Chris Moyles and comedy Dave on  Radio 1 last week, I  decided to buy myself two tickets and venture out into the cold February night with my wife to watch the new Cloverfield movie – which started on Friday.

You can watch the trailer first by clicking here.

I was pretty excited as I like a good blockbuster disaster movie but I didn’t know anything about the plot or how the disaster materialised.

If you are going to watch it and don’t want to know the plot line I would stop reading now.

Right, well the plot is a mixture between Godzilla Vs Blair Witch.

The film is being recorded by a young man at a leaving party on a camcorder. I actually thought the idea of a blockbuster movie filmed by a number of amateurs could work pretty well, and it did to a certain extent, but I found myself feeling quite ill as they went well overboard with shaking the camera and filming the floor, upside down etc.

The action scenes are actually pretty lively and the noise is fairly intense too. However, my wife wanted to walk out after 20mins but I didn’t think it was that bad. Although there are a few interesting questions the movie asked for instance:

  1. Why did this particular group of Americans go to the roof of a sky scraper during an earthquake?
  2. How come when their helicopter crashes all three of them survive but everyone else dies – bizarre?
  3. How come the end of the world always happens in New York and never any other city or country?
  4. Thirdly and even more bizarrely – how does someone who has had a metal girder protruding from their shoulder/lung area for well over four hours, not manage to bleed to death either before or after she is wrenched off it. 3a) and she can even pull off a Linford Christie type sprint when she is being chased.

All in all I thought it was a pretty entertaining watch and a good concept which unfortunately could have been executed a little more professionally, so everyone didn’t feel sick at the end from the shaking camera scenes.

Score out of ten from me: 6.5

Score from Lisa: -10 (She would rather watch Super Nanny)

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