The most exciting DJ product to enter the world of DJing in the last ten years was arguably the Pioneer CDJ 1000, well now Pioneer has launched its younger brother with more bells and whistles than ever. These new turntables have a mind blowing array of features and software. I had two CDJ 1000 MK 2’s and I have played extensively on the MK 3s, so I can’t wait to get my hands on these.

Duncan one of my good friends over on the Rising Music blog comments:

“With one these decks coming in at roughly the price of two mk3’s (£1,499 each!) I think Pioneer is going to have a hard time shifting these to its core clients – Bedroom DJs.”

I think Duncan has a point but I am sure it will drop the price after a year or so and then these will become mass market like the 1000s.

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