I read an interesting article in the Guardian this morning which said Nokia are reportedly in meetings with Facebook to try and develop a mobile version of the social networking site.

The article states: “Facebook already offers its own mobile application that can be used to upload photos, notes and to exchange messages on the site, and a look-up function for phone numbers.”

I must say that it would appeal to the millions of people who commute everyday who are stuck with nothing to read on the train. The simple functionality of being able to have a quick gander through your own Facebook profile would surely appeal.

I currently use Netvibes for accessing my profile as it means I don’t have to keep logging into Facebook. Not only that but I can also access my eBay, news, sports, weather and even Google without logging onto them all as it does it automatically for me – removing the pain.

So my tip for saving time is use Netvibes as your homepage it will save you loads of time. The only downside is that the site can take around 20 secs to load-up, kind of reminds you of the good old days of dial-up sat watching the egg timer.

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