image If you are like me I imagine you have read quite a few posts before that give the usual advice about writing interesting and engaging content. Well I didn’t want to write something completely about the theory because I am always covering that type of stuff on here.

As most of you know I manage a lot of social media communities for companies and brands of all sizes some regional, some national and others on a global basis.

One thing I have noticed is that things have changed significantly in social media and online PR over the last 2-3 years. I remember the good old days when people didn’t know what Twitter or Linked-in were and we were all really excited about this cool new site called Friends Reunited that lets you hook up with your old friends.

I have been tweaking a few of the social media communities I have been working with and I have come across a few cool tools you can use to spruce up your Facebook pag image es in just 10 minutes. Yep you don’t have to pay some social media expert a couple of thousand pounds to do this.


  1. Build your own Facebook tab in a few clicks. I have used a few of these services and the best one I have found is Page Modo which allows you to add a tab to your Facebook page. You can insert photos, branding and edit the text and its free. Of course you can upgrade to a pro-account for around $6 a month and this gives you access to better features such as “like” gates.
  2. Add social media tabs to your Facebook page. Again this is free, just visit the Involver app and select an app from your gallery and choose which page you want to add it too. You can add Flickr, YouTube and Twitter apps amongst a few others. Again if you want to use more than two apps you do have to upgrade to a pro account.
  3. Plug your blog into your Facebook page with a nice tab using Social RSS.

So there are some quick practical tips and here are some more tips I created for my recent CIPR presentation on “How to drive campaigns through social media”.

If you want to run a campaign on your facebook page, make sure you are obiding by the promotion guidelines.

  1. Offer something unique
  2. Release major stories in the early morning. If you post between 11 a.m. to 4pm you risk your content getting unnoticed
  3. Thurs is the best day to get the most visibility for a post
  4. A full link is 300% more likely to get clicked on than a shortened address
  5. Use words like “best,” “most,” and those that explain, such as “why” and “how.”
  6. Encourage interaction with your posts-likes and comments as they will be more visible in other newsfeeds
  7. Seed your competitions on other Facebook pages and forums like
  8. Be flexible with your strategy if something isn’t working just change it
  9. Don’t ever get into an argument online – let a thread play out
  10. Only share one in ten marketing messages
  11. Always keep it relevant and think about the brand’s voice
  12. Create a conversational calendar – planning a campaign before hand can save a lot of wasted energy.

Do you have a useful social media app for Facebook or a tip others could use if you do, please share it?

About Chris Norton

Chris Norton is the founder of Prohibition and an award winning communications consultant with more than twenty years’ experience. He was a lecturer at Leeds Beckett University and has had a varied PR career having worked both in-house and in a number of large consultancies. He is an Integrated PR and social media blogger and writes on a wide variety of blogs across a huge amount of topics from digital marketing, social media marketing right through to technology and crisis management.