Liverpool FC Facebook Group

Revolution magazine reported an interesting story this week that my beloved Liverpool FC is now officially the first English Premier League team to have reached the 1 million fan mark with its Liverpool FC Facebook page. Those of you that know me well, will know that I am a huge fan of the club and now also its Facebook page.

The club has used Facebook brilliantly (since May) by engaging in conversation (each post receiving around 900 comments), giving behind the scenes interviews and making interesting documents available to download only through its group. Not only that but it has made sure that a fan can get to all of it’s other social Facebook Fan Videosplatforms straight from it’s group by enclosing all of the links, something which many brands seem to forget.

In truth, Facebook and Twitter are now hugely influential channels for the club and it appears to have now directed its communication strategy towards engaging with the fans on a more personal level. The club in essence is asking and giving fans what they want – good, interesting and bespoke content. In my view this should be commended.

I wrote a post a while back where I compared how Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC used Twitter. The two clubs had two differing strategies for using Twitter. Now, as expected I am not a fan of Chelsea’s fan page but I have had a look and it has around 395,000 fans. Not bad either but it does seem that although Chelsea are winning the football battle in the league this year, Liverpool is winning the social battle.

As of writing Liverpool’s page has more than 1,004,824 fans and growing by the minute.

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