Apologies to all of you who aren’t football fans but as I love football I thought I should do a quick post on what I think of the latest European championships.

I have watched all the games so far and I am quite happy as I placed a £5 bet on Portugal to win the whole tournament last week (before it started).

I know they haven’t got a world class striker but I just think this year could be their year. They are superb technically and they hold the ball really well and most importantly they have some very exciting attacking prospects mainly out on their wings. If they can utilise the winker properly (Ronaldo) as a striker and use their other wide players (Quaresma, Simão, Nani and Deco) for the creativity like they did the other day then I think we may well see big Phil Scholarilift another major trophy.

The second team for me this year may well be Spain as their squad deserves to be winning something. I also like Holland -I bet you can probably tell I like the attack minded teams – so I won’t be going for the ageing Italy. With that in mind I think France might have had their best years prior to this tournament – Henry, Mackelele, Viera and Thurham may find it hard to keep up with the pace of the games towards the end of the tournament.

Although I am not a Man Utd fan, I will be praying that Ronaldo stops leaking things to the press and focuses on what he does best and scoring goals for his national side. If Portugal win I manage to scoop a whopping £40 (I won’t be retiring anytime soon) but it all helps.

One thing is for sure no game can be more tedious than Greece Vs Sweden. Greece were even being booed by their own fans when they passed the ball between themselves for 10 mins in their own half – the term paint drying sprung to mind.

I will watch tonight’s game against the CZECH Republic with interest.

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