Here is the news you have been waiting for. I can exclusively reveal that the new England manager has been finally named as Zippy from Rainbow.

After Jose Mourinho, decided to remove himself from the running yesterday, the FA turned to the next best possible man.

Zippy comes with a strong track record, having worked with a bunch of nitwits before (obviously apart from George).

Zippy is a master tactician and knows how to get the most from people who just aren’t motivated anymore – ask Rod, Jane and Freddy!

I did try to get him on the phone for a quick interview but apparently he has vowed to stay tight lipped.

OK, so I am kidding, but all joking aside I think the FA should now appoint Fabio Capello quickly before anything else goes wrong.

Fabio has a fantastic track record having won several titles in a number of different countries and he is not scared to make a tough decision. The fact he was sacked by Real Madrid after winning them their first title in four years is absolutely scandalous but its Real Madrid and they can do what they like. The only real downside is that he doesn’t speak English but I am sure he will learn – just look at Rafa.

He can also organise a team and hopefully that will mean our team will be able to play more than just one system.

I have to give the FA credit they didn’t put all their eggs in one basket this time as they wanted to sound Jose out first. They seem to have kept Mr Capello warm too and hopefully that will mean we finally end up with a world-class manager.

If they don’t go for Capello, I will have to give up… Maybe we really should consider Zippy and George. You can’t ever say that they lack passion and it would make the post-match interviews interesting. That’s as long as Panorama don’t do an exposé on them too.

You have to check out the video below for Zippy and George at their best  – its hilarious. Maybe we should all get together and start a campaign to get them both back on the telly.

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