In my recent blog about England exiting Euro 2008 I said I didn’t mind who the  next manager was, and that they should appoint the right person for the job.

Well, the right person has now made himself available and I think it’s time the FA got off their backsides and acted because he won’t be available for long if Barcelona or Milan have anything to do with it.

Jose Mourinho for England is my shout. He is in the top three coaches in the world, speaks English, is respected by all of the players and even better, he is funny and brings something to those boring predictable press conferences.

OK, so he is a bit arrogant granted, but that’s what we need because he is a natural born winner.

Who can forget his bad eggs not making an omelette quote? The guy is very funny and most importantly he doesn’t care what the English media think of him.

If Mourinho is available and willing to take the job the FA should act now and give this guy whatever he wants because it would actually be an appointment which would make sense. In fact, it would make (officially stats) 94% of English football fans happy.

He might not win anything with our current players but he is a winner. Let’s face it – he can’t be any worse than the last bloke……


Check out Jose at his best in this video:

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