Social Media Training for Charity

Social media is such an integral part of marketing for charities in the modern world. It allows for charities to connect directly with their audiences in a way that they previously couldn’t and giving them the chance to express their own voice. It also allows them to interact in creative ways with their audiences whilst also encouraging them to take action.

The strongest platforms for charities to best connect with their audiences and have a strong ROI are Twitter and Facebook, however, Instagram and LinkedIn have also seen success.

Master Social Media to Connect Your Charity with a Larger Audience

Growing strong social media channels for your charity is the most effective way to directly communicate with your audiences whilst also raising awareness and funds for your charity. This can be done by creating consistent, engaging content that not only gets across your key messages but also sets you apart as an industry leader and voice.

Why Choose us for your Charity Social Media Training?

We have been providing social media training programs to company owners, advertisers and marketing professionals for more than nine years. We’ve delivered more than 400 courses and workshops over the last decade.

Our award-winning team specialise in Charity Social Media training as well as training in a variety of other sectors. We are passionate about helping charities grow their channels, target their key audiences and spread their messages. The team won the Best Agency and Best Integrated Campaign at the 2019 Prolific Awards. We are confident that our team can provide the right course of action.

Hundreds of Brands Social Media Trained Every Year

Each year our award-winning team trains hundreds of brands across the country. We have worked specifically with developed charity brands such as Yorkshire Cancer Research to help them deliver some of their strongest campaigns. As a team we know what it takes to make a brand successful on social media and are constantly monitoring the social media landscape for opportunities and trends. If you’re looking strategic training from an award-winning team then look no further!

Our Social Media Training Is Focussed On ROI

Our team of Charity Social Media coaches completely understand that if you want to gain more support for your charity to move forward, a return on investment is now crucial. For the sake of what the charity is looking to accomplish, we consider ROI to ensure that everything we do is first aimed at being data and insight-driven, so that you can first report on the most important KPIs and metrics. We’ll also offer an explanation on what your investment in social media marketing has returned.

Our Social Media Training Is Strategically Tailored for Charities

As a team we are focused on delivering tailored training to your charity. In order to ensure that you have the most tailored strategic plan for your organisation we’ll provide a pre-training questionnaire to clarify exactly what the participants are looking to get out of the training. We will then examine the questionnaires in order to prepare the most tailored social media training strategy based on your specific needs.

We Speak Your Language and Deliver Actionable Learning

Having a social media strategy is one thing but we’re conscious that putting this into action is especially critical for charities. We understand that there are so many moving parts to running a charity and that running social media channels can fall on the list of priorities if it’s not set up properly. That’s why we ensure that your training is a step-by-step guide of how to elevate your brand and not just a macro view of social media.

Since we have experience working with charities, we know how to speak your language and know how best to target your specific audiences whilst ensuring that you can get the best ROI for your organisation.

We Offer Post-Course Support

We know that the training will be a lot to take in all at once and that you may have questions or require assistance after the training finishes. We are here to help! For each training course we deliver we also offer four weeks of post-course support. Our team is here to help you implement your new social media strategy and answer any course related questions.

Our Social Media Training Courses Are Interactive

Social media is interactive therefore our training course are as well! We make sure to get all our participants involved by putting our participants into breakout rooms to put into practice what they’ve learned. When learning about social media and exploring new platforms practice really does make perfect so we encourage our participants to really become familiar with the platforms and techniques that we’re teaching.

Our Work Is “Big Brand” Standard

For many years, our team has been working for major brands-we know how hard it can be to keep the team up to date on the latest trends in digital and social media for charities. Every year, we offer seminars on the latest social media trends and the latest glossy marketing stuff. We will help the team understand the more strategic side of the marketing of social media.

Who Should Attend the Social Media Training for Charities?

Anyone! Our courses are designed for marketing and communications teams/professionals but is accessible to all employees at any level and can be tailored specifically for your staff. Prior knowledge of social media is not a requirement – as long as you come with an open mind and an eagerness to learn this course is right for you!

How to Delegate and Manage Social Media Work Load

Research has shown that the most successful charities on social media are posting interesting videos, graphics and content on nearly a daily basis in order to best communicate with their audiences. We would also recommend posting on a consistent basis to stay at the forefront of conversations and trends as well as being able to interact directly with your audiences.

Our one-day course will allow you to study and practice social media platforms, strategy, etiquette and best practice. The social media landscape for charity is quite competitive so we’ll provide you with an audience analysis so you can best create content for your market. With this training course, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase communications with key audience members and stake holders
  • Establish your brand as an industry leader
  • Hit your key metrics and fundraising goals through innovative content creation and strategy
  • Have a deeper understanding of who your audience is and what they’re interested in seeing and interacting with online

Social Media Training for Charities – The Foundations

While we have found that Facebook and Twitter are the most popular and prominent social channels for charities, we will work with your brand to discover which is the best platform and strategy for your specific charity. We will specifically look at:

  • Why social media is so crucial and important to the charity sector?
  • How to monitor your channels and manage brand reputation online
  • Which platform is best for your brand?
  • What social media opportunities are available to your charity and how to find them
  • Developing a manageable social media strategy
  • An overview of social media platforms and best practice

Growth Strategy for your Charity

As we have discussed, having an active social media account can not only give you a stronger online presence than a website alone but it can also help benefit your charity’s growth. Growing your charity, achieving your key metrics and goals can all be aided by the use of social media marketing.

To grow your social channels, reach a broader audience and ensure that key messages are being delivered to the target market our course will look at the following:

  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Increase audience engagement
  • How to drive fundraising

Technology Specific Skills Training

Delivering technology specific training to your team will help save valuable time whilst also delivering the best and strongest results. This course will examine which platforms and strategies are best for your team to invest in but also investigate best practices for follow-up and how to retain your audience for further involvement in your charity.

The Benefits of Our Social Media Training for Charity

Social media training helps to best connect charities with directly with their key audiences. This training will help you identify which audiences to target, how to target them and how to create the best, most engaging content. We will teach you top tips and tricks of how to keep your tone of voice consistent while also achieving your desired fundraising results.

Social Media Training for Charities – Top Tips

Based on our previous experience with charities and research that we’ve conducted we know that some of the mistakes that charities make is not establishing themselves as an authority figure online. Being an industry leader and the authoritative voice on your particular sector helps your audiences trust you and therefore want to invest and support.

Establishing this tone of voice on social media for charities takes more effort than most people think! That’s why even if you have previous experience in social media for other sectors or for personal use, this course can still be of use to you and your team as we help you develop a strong and lasting strategy for your charity.

Charity Training Course Duration and Cost

Our charity training course can be delivered in either a half-day or full-day format to your team. For further enquiries about cost for your tailormade social media training course please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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