OK it’s gadget meets Facebook time again. Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I am a regular Window’s mobile user – I have been using the HTC TYTN 2 for quite a while despite having two different units which have both had their screens malfunction.

The Download Squad are today reporting that FriendMobilizer is a new Facebook application for Windows Mobiles that gives us access to some of the most popular areas of Facebook.

The new application allows you to:

  1. Update your status
  2. Receive and respond to notifications (such as friend requests)
  3. Check messages
  4. Browse photo albums
  5. Check events
  6. Write on walls

FriendMobilizer is completely free but before you get too excited it apparently it doesn’t work on all Windows Mobile devices. Yes unfortunately, you need to have a 6 or higher and to make it work you have to install the program to your unit’s main memory, not to your storage card.

This application reminds me of the Facebook application which I use in my Netvibes page although it seems to have a little more flexibility and its obviously mobile.

So, if you have a newish Window’s mobile this looks like it could certainly make your life easier.

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