If you read my blog regularly you will know that I do like to share any blogger lists we have created in my PR Agency Prohibition, because they do take time to create, and  I believe it helps other to save time to find the best writers. I also love meeting and speaking to good writers from the best region in the country so today I have created a list of my top 20 Yorkshire blogs.

To create this final list I have used a number of different tools and been through more than 200 blogs from Yorkshire and then ranked them by page rank and back links and then sorted them by my own personal preference because I don’t believe databases are the best way to find the best bloggers. I believe in a bit of technology and science and human interpretation.

I have deliberately avoided PR blogs because I cover them quite a lot on here anyway and I didn’t want it to be super niche. I would also like to say a personal thank you to one of my students Cheryl Pearce who helped me do the number crunching of the data and whittle my list down. The whole process has taken more than eight hours so I do hope you like some of these beauties.

  1. Good food Good beer is written by Leigh, who prides himself on hosting Leeds’ longest running beer blog and congratulations because what a great blog it is. He focuses on good beer and The Good Stuff - Yorkshire Blogwhere to find it, something very close to my heart. In his extensive blog roll he also provides the best directory to other beer and food blogs I have seen for a long time if you fancy expanding your beer knowledge. It is a great example and quite rightly deserves first place.
  2. Author of “500 beers” and British Guild of Beer writers’ writer of the year in 2008. Zak Avery writes about everything Beer related, opinion pieces to beer related events and everything in between. I really enjoy reading and trying his recommendations too as my business partner lives about 5 minutes walk from his brilliant shop in Leeds.
  3. In third place Alexinleeds written by Alex a “bookfiend with a voracious reading appetite” is mainly about book reviews and pieces on countries for every letter of the alphabet but what sets Alexinleeds apart is her goals list of 101 things in 1001 days. It’s not your typical bucket list but it’s certainly a great read and rather inspiring.
  4. The social business is written by Rob Greenland and is mainly about social enterprise, and social innovation but I did enjoy reading about how he is getting on in his car free years and his love of cycling. He talked a lot about the Tour De France and I have to agree it was fantastic and so much fun.
  5. Bartsbook shelf is a fine book blog all the way from Bradford. It is where to go for book reviews on every genre you can think of. From childrens’ and young adults to Dystopian alongside author interviews and guest posts, Bartsbook shelf is the go to place for insights on books, films and general musings. It is also a stunning blog to look at nice work on the design Darren.
  6. Mum in the Mad House is written by mum of two Jen from my part of Yorkshire yes the beautiful imageNorth. A freelance project manager and writer, Jen writes some really informative reviews and advice pieces especially for families, like how to make gardens kid safe and how to label things when moving house. Jen’s blog is professionally put together and she is a member of Sally Whittle’s Tots 100 list so you can be assured this is a quality mum blog and not just one of the many.image
  7. Rich from them apples shares his views from sunny Saltaire on food politics, writes in-depth restaurant and kitchenware reviews, and the most amazing recipes. I will definitely be trying out the beetroot and thyme baguettes. They look amazing nice work. Rich doesn’t need any special praise from me as he is already a blog award winner but this is a great food blog so nice work.
  8. Now this is an idea for a blog my two favourite subjects combined. Digital-Football is all about the imagerole of sport in the world of social media. Edited by Account Director Sean Walsh, whose football obsession proves to make an interesting read. We really enjoyed “5 ways sports teams can leverage social media influencers” and his opinions on social media training for footballers.
  9. Nadine from Jugglemum writes all about her daily juggle of being a mum and a business woman all rolled into one. She has written two books and keeps her blog updated regularly and she also has a well populated YouTube channel too. She writes about some slimming world recipes and tips of the week for other busy mums.
  10. Louisa from The Really Good life hasn’t written anything in a few months so hopefully she will get typing after being listed in this because she writes about all things frugal and living well. She seems rather crafty as she has got tips for stitching and knitting and also gives lots of advice about how to live both healthily yet sustainably.
  11. Chris Wildman at Paganum is from a beautiful part of the region called Malham and a self confessed foodie, this great blog not only has recommendations about where to eat and drink in the UK but full reviews on restaurants and my favourite subject Beer. One of my favourite articles is the raspberry jam recipe, it makes me feel hungry just looking at it. Chris also provides a nice punchy list of other good food and beer blogs he likes at the bottom of his theme.
  12. Instructions not included is written by Becky from York, and was originally a way to help her get through her first year after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She gives helpful reviews and advice on how she deals day to day life  as a diabetic. She hasn’t written since August but I hope she does as I have a personal interest in this blog as my mum has Type 1 diabetes too and I know about her struggle from being a young boy.
  13. Sara is a 21 year old blogger and YouTube user from Leeds. A very slick looking blog is bursting with advice and tricks on everything in the beauty world (I won’t pretend to be an expert in this area but it does look useful). From tutorials to product reviews swalkermakeup covers everything you need to know about the beauty world. We love the tutorials, they’re very informative and usually have a YouTube video to match!
  14. Miss Mamos World is written in East Yorkshire also known as Hull. This blog makes meimage hungry just looking at the pictures – it’s like Hull Vs Food. It hosts some amazing recipes like churros and red velvet brownie cake, but also some insightful articles on things like how to eat healthy on a budget. My favourite posts are the rants and raves and appliance reviews.
  15. Angela from York has a blog called Loving Living Well. On it she writes all about helping people to feel and look as good as they possibly can. She writes about nutrition, weight loss tips, product reviews, and beauty tips. The autumn apple muffins are a recipe we will definitely be trying.
  16. Author and Freelance writer, Iain Broome covers everything from social media to writing and publishing advice as well as his tips on the best apps for writers. I certainly appreciated his tips on being productive as we can all get better at that.
  17. Jen is a freelance digital copywriter living in Leeds. She has some nice pictures on her blog she  writes about fashion, beauty and general lifestyle with really interesting articles. Her post on becoming more confident was a favourite of my teams.
  18. Pouting In Heels – Katie Portman is a freelance copywriter and journalist from Lancashire but I won’t hold that against her as she lives in South Yorkshire now. Katie writes all about lifestyle, I particularly liked her top 10 PR tips and her articles on the lessons her daughter teaches her.
  19. I had to include Natalie Harris’ blog because she is from Harrogate and in her own words: My blog .. “I rant so you don’t have to” hosts some hilarious articles on things like moving house and looking after the kids. imageAngel in the North Blog
  20. Anna from “Angel in the North” writes about a range of things, from Yorkshire and her home to crafting fashion and travel. She shares her tips and experiences and DIY tutorials. Cheryl told me she really fancied trying the gold spike necklace tutorial. I really like the styling of this blog as it’s very professional looking and I think Anna takes her blog seriously which I admire. She also shares some great photography so I think she has a hidden talent there.

So there you have it, that is my top twenty blogs in Yorkshire, if you think there are a few I have missed just let me know what they are and why in the comments.

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