With the end of the year quickly approaching I know we are all out wining and dining in the PR industry but come January everyone will be hitting the gym again and what better way to get ready for the new year than learning how to train with weights properly.

At prohibition we recently did some influencer outreach for a new client and we had to target some of the world’s top weight lifting blogs but we couldn’t find any up to date lists so I thought it would be useful to create one ourselves. We use a number of different tools to assess a blog’s influence both paid and unpaid but I also like to use human interpretation to avoid nasty spam blogs. Anyway, after hours of work here are my top ten.

If you think I have missed a blog that should have made the list, feel free to let me know about your blog in the comments section and I will do a new list next year and try and include as many as I can.

Position Blog Name About the blog
1. www.marksdailyapple.com Mark Sisson has dedicated his lifelong ambition to fitness, health and dietary needs. Since creating his blog back in 2006, Sisson claims that his aims are to empower and motivate people by encouraging them to take full responsibility of their own health and wellbeing, and that exercise doesn’t have to be as painful as you are led to believe. Mark educates readers on how to get the leanest, fittest and healthiest body possible all through the right diet and least amount of pain possible – everybody’s dream.He indulges readers in his own personal life, his daily routine, and exercise morals. His impressive background includes being a former elite endurance athlete who went on to medical school with a BA level in Biology. His blog offers an extremely down-to-earth approach to fitness and health, and is built around the principles of Primal Blue Print; a lifestyle that governs human health, evolution and peak performance for over two million years, and supported by respected research in the fields of epigenetics and evolutionary biology.His blog also features problems with everything from sleep deprivation to emotional wellbeing. With the promise of physical and mental improvement in as little as 21 days, by following Sisson’s set regime.

Mark’s blog provides a wide variety of content ranging from articles, letters from satisfied customers, the official online store, freebies, contact page and many more.

2. doctorhartman.blogspot.co.uk Sports Scientist Dr Michael Hartman is rapidly becoming a recognised expert in Human Performance. He previously worked at the US Olympic Training Center as a member of the USA Weightlifting Performance Enhancement Team.He has also contributed to an extensive collection of scientific journals and additional research outside of his specialised interest focus on the neuromuscular and neuroendocrine adaptations associated with strength training and conditioning.The blog features a variety of video training demonstrations which he believes to be more effective that written word on method and technique and I agree.

Coming in at number two on the list, Doctor Hartman’s blog offers a clear and visual approach with clearly defined columns and chapters that are easily accessible and understood by the reader.

Providing a free download of his 8-week training programmes; the same programme which has been used by many champion weightlifters over their year’s of success.

Dr Hartman’s blog is very versatile as it provides downloads for DVD’s, Kindle editions of e-books and regular updates of the latest events including an Olympic Weight Lifting Workshop and an Overcoming and Training Seminar, both of which can be personally arranged with the man himself.

One of the disadvantages to the blog is the excessive amount of scrolling through the archive, which acts as a workout itself. A great blog and nicely put together.

3. stronglifts.com Stronglifts blog does exactly what it says on the tin and this is why it scoops the bronze position. It’s aims are for readers to gain muscle mass through weight training, with a specific focus on men rather than women.The website heavily focuses on the term ‘getting stronger’ by offering must-read articles and success stories from thousands of readers worldwide.The website is extremely versatile concerning its advanced technology status, with options for apps for iPhone, Android, online and spreadsheets, meaning you can keep up to date whilst on the move.

Stronglifts 5×5 routine is structured around Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 5×5 created by his mentor and trainor Reg Park.

The blog section of the website features articles on how to suit weight lifting around your lifestyle whilst also offering advice on weight lifting myths and methods. The clear, simple layout of this site means manoeuvring from one tab to the next reduces confusion and enables all material easy to find.

Its resources also enable readers to access the Stronglifts app through your Android phone, iPhone and online.

4. rosstraining.com Ross Training blog focuses on exercising with minimal equipment as oppose to the large, intimidating equipment found in gyms. Much of the training featured on this blog is used with homemade tools and objects, enabling readers to exercise in the comfort of their own home, without forking out on expensive gym membership and equipment.Founder Ross Enamait created his website to focus on high performance conditioning and strength development, whilst producing useful content in order to aid readers to all reach their own unique goals.Website content includes interviews with different fitness fanatics including Expanderkrank, Athlete Go, Grapplers Paradise and many more. Videos including demonstrations and training compilations using a variety of different methods in order to inspire and encourage the preferred D-I-Y style of training.

The website also offers a forum option, which allows readers to discuss and share any problems or difficulties they’ve experienced whilst undergoing Ross’s training, for any questions that were not answered on Ross’s FAQ.

There is also a link to the online store, which includes video footage and e-book tutorials to suit a wide range of different training methods and process. The diversity of products available reinforces the success of Ross’s training blog and the large variable audience that it reaches, and improves.

5. jasonferruggia.com The Jason Ferruggia website does not automatically take you to their blog, but instead opens up with the impressive list of official brands in which their blog has previously been featured. Once clicked onto the link leading to the blog, you are met with several scrolling articlesJason’s underdog story is motivational and successful. Whilst engaging empathy and understanding from the readers, he can clearly engage and get his message across, with the additional personal touch of his struggles and concerns as he documents his progression.His positive outlook on strength and muscle building is a refreshingly optimistic approach in encouraging readers to follow in his footsteps and create, develop and improve skills they would not be able to do without guidance or expertise, all available from the comfort of their own home.

The site offers a large variety of exercise methods and training demonstrations through regularly updated video footage.

Resources include apps, nutrition and recipe guides, workout programs, fitness equipment and a large list of supplements.

His blog posts feature texts from a personal nature, combined with his own experience, problems and success he came across on his journey offer an endearing perspective.

6. defrancostraining.com DeFranco’s Training is a site dedicated to weight training and core strength in their very own DeFranco gym. DeFranco’s Training is not just another online blog, but also an impressive gym situated in Austin, Texas.As well as signing up to this unique gym, there is the option of signing up to the Joe D’s e-letter, which includes updated tips and advice with each issue.Articles on the site are written from a descriptive, story-telling method of one man’s struggling journey to weight training success, with focus on not only the physical struggles but also the mental and emotional obstacles that have been overcome.

DeFranco’s website brags of its success in print and online publications including Men’s Health.

The store option offers a variety of available E-book at a reasonable price, with also a unique documentary featuring athletes training at DeFranco’s gym.

The success and branding of the gym is also reiterated by its hard-core training methods, successful customers and the community-like feel with members offering advice and information in order to get the most out of your gym experience.

7. liftingrevolution.com Written solely by Taylor Ryan, Lifting Revolution is a female-based blog which aims to give her readers the very best fitness, nutrition, and accountability information whilst also claiming to help you ‘fall in love with your body’.Taylor Ryan’s blog stands out because she personally gets involved in your individual training and health, answering any questions and queries you come across whilst also offering the best advice to suit you.Her articles includes information of weight training, body training and healthy eating for women. Another latest addition to ever-expanding blog is the ‘studies’ section in which she on different health aspects and balancing family life next to your personal health.

Her impressive media collection features many of her workouts in Fit Womens Weekly.

As well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, she adds a personal touch by telling readers about her lifestyle and family.

8. elliotthulse.com Strength Coach, Pro Strongman and owner of the world renowned Strength Camp gym in St. Petersburg Florida, Elliott Hulse YouTube channel boasts over an impressive one million subscribers who tune in to regularly watch his weekly fitness and training videos.Having been recently voted as ‘Favourite YouTube Fitness Celebrity’ on RyanSeaCrest.com, Elliott Hulse is rapidly becoming more successful as he helps his many viewers in being the best possible version of themselves.What helps Hulse stand out from the many fitness bloggers on the internet is that he understands that training and weights is vital, he aims to mentally improve your strength at the same time.

Offering coaching calls, live coaching sessions and consultations with Elliott himself, he proves that he is more than just talk as you watch him physically endure the same process and training methods that he expects you to.

Elliott offers many training workshops that are available to attend from the comfort of his own gym.

Through his sheer hard work and determination, Elliott is not only a trainer but also a role model to all ages.

9. goldenmuscles.com Golden Muscles is a website dedicated to offering information about bodybuilding and fitness, with a specific focus on steroid cycles and profiles.Not only does this site offer valued and accurate information, it also follows the progress of four bodybuilders including the names of: Ronnie Culman, Jay Cutler, Hidetada Yamagishi and Kie Green who all add their own personal account with each stage of their progression.A particularly useful feature of this website is the provided definitions of steroid terms, which otherwise may come across as a foreign language.

But it’s not all brawn and no brain, as the website also offer a nutrition chapter with recommendations guidelines on how to build your muscle mass combined with the right diet.

Their articles, which date all the way back to mid-2009, tackle concerns and issues on the best way to successfully build up your muscle mass in a variety of different areas.

The visual aspect is eye catching and maintains interest throughout the entirety of the website, with many chapters dedicated to a wide variety of aspects that a trainee may come across.

Aiming at both males and females, there is no age limit as their information is accurate and informative, as oppose to personal and individual.

10. ladyinweighting.co.uk Lady In Weighting is a blog dedicated to weight lifting for women. Ran by mum of two Abbie, she began weight lifting as a hobby back in 2012 and has since progressed in leaps and bounds, and readers are fortunate enough to follow her in her journey, step by step. Based in Cheltenham, UK blog-runner Abbie has not only documented her struggles and successes, but also fellow female weight lifters who are speak of their reasoning, lifestyle and why weight lifting is such a good form of exercise.Whilst this blog may not be the most technical in terms of methodology, Abbie maintains a successful blog with her down-to-earth approach and realistic targets. All arrogance and pretentiousness is left at the door as she welcomes you in to her women’s weight-lifting blog.

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