Last night I went to see my friend, fellow blogger and former colleague Sebastian Mysko who now works for Chris Lake and Rising Music.

I have posted before about how Chris and his team are using social media to spread the word about the label and his new tracks and artists. The dance music industry doesn’t appear to use public relations and social media to its full potential but these guys are really trying to bring some professionalism and fun to it.

The blog has been running for a few months now and the team have posted a wide variety of content which is genuinely interesting for most dance music enthusiasts or a Chris Lake fan.

I got to hear a few of the new tracks which will be released soon and I think the new piano track he is releasing later this year will be massive and probably cross over into the UK’s  mainstream charts.

They have also been using YouTube interestingly, filming behind the scenes at dance gigs, showing Chris in action – the latest video shows him playing to ten thousand people in Ibiza.

I love dance music and used to DJ in clubs myself when I lived in London. Seb provided me with a couple of promo copies of ‘Start Again’ and ‘Lys Speechless’ which I tried out on his 1210s.

I love the videos as it’s showing a fan what life is really like for a superstar DJ. Here are a few quick thoughts from me on what other interesting things they could film in their next videos:

  1. Three mins in the recording studio with the artist explaining some of the equipment he uses
  2. Interviews with other members of the management team discussing what they do in their day to day jobs and how a label works
  3. A sped up version of the DJ travelling when playing abroad – it’s very tiring and usually from one plane to another
  4. Five hot tips for amateur DJs when mixing – and a few cool tricks
  5. An interview explaining the funniest and weirdest things that have happened when he has been on tour

These guys are a great example of a team who get social media but for every one who gets it I am sure there are 10 out there who don’t.

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