At Wolfstar we are always looking out for interesting stories which get us all talking, and we often like to cherry pick the best and closely examine them to see what is good and what is bad.

Yesterday, we saw a great story about the disco, funk and pop band Jamiroquai, who have launched a new social media website. Seb and I both love the disco funksters, so we found this very intriguing and had to check the site out ourselves.

The band, who have always been known for being forward thinking in their music and marketing, already have a myspace, Facebook group and YouTube channel. So to enhance their offer to their fans they have developed a new website which has incorporated all of these mediums.

The website looks great as it is packed with interactive elements. In fact, the group themselves will all be blogging when they are next on tour – so if you are into Jay Kay (no relation to our Beth) and the guys, make sure you look out for that. I am positive there will be some interesting stories to come out of it. Hopefully, there won’t be anymore expensive car crashes like when Jay Kay last totaled his Lamborghini – see right.

We have been working with a number of musicians recently and reading this article, we noticed that some things which were in our proposals were also included in what they did. If we are honest, there were also some things that we didn’t propose but we will be using them in future as good examples. I personally love the fact that people can download Jay Kay widgets and use them on their own blogs. There were also some things which we proposed which weren’t in what they did, so its good to see we still have some good ideas which will benefit the music industry.

Anyway as it’s Friday, here’s one of my favourite videos of all time which features the guy with the big hat – Virtual Insanity! Obviously, please watch this in your own time and not in your employer’s but that goes without saying.

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