This morning I have been doing some research for a large well-known consumer technology client which shall remain nameless. Anyway the research was to look into the many different social media newsrooms which are already out there.

A social media newsroom basically offers a lot more to the user than a traditional corporate newsroom. The user can be anyone from a blogger, journalist or just someone interested in the subject matter.

A social media newsroom usually provides items such as news releases, photography, RSS feeds, blogs, media coverage, podcasts, vodcasts, tag clouds and lots of sharing and bookmarking tools.

I have posted before about the growing importance of social media newsrooms and I think we are going to see more and more consumer brands using these as digital influencers become more important

Here are some of the social media newsrooms which I have found while searching the internet, some are obviously better than others. However, please feel free to notify me of any others which you come across.

  1. Wolfstar
  2. Virgin Media
  3. Shift Communications
  4. Electrolux
  5. GM Motors

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