Justice for Natalie Campaign

I have just returned from a lovely family holiday in Majorca and whilst out there I heard about a campaign that really tugged at my heart strings which I wanted to share in order to raise further awareness of it.

The family of a British lady left with a serious brain injury has started a campaign to get justice for her. Natalie Creane, 33 a HR executive that worked for a Dubai firm was celebrating her engagement back in 2008 when she was apparently knocked out by a heavy wooden section of wardrobe in her five star hotel. She was staying in the Emirate Palace hotel.

Natalie has had her frontal lobe damaged and this now causes her to suffer from seizures and sadly three comas. Her latest coma had her fighting for her life last week.

The sad part of this story is the Emirates Palace Hotel has denied responsibility for this accident and has fought off a £3.5million compensation claim from the family. Now after several years of struggling to sort things out the family have broken their silence in a bid to raise awareness of Natalie’s story and to get some public support.

The family has a new court date of August 9th and Natalie’s Facebook page which to date has more than 11,300 likes describes the campaign in its about section:

The court process and the officials involved have so far been fair, professional and diligent throughout, including the medical experts and the judges, who only want a fair trial with the facts in place. After four years of battling quietly, afraid of prejudicing Natalie’s position with the hotel and its insurance company, the family has finally broken its silence and welcomes public support for Natalie. It remains the family’s hope that Emirates Palace Hotel does what it should have done in the first place – admit liability for the accident and help Natalie before it’s too late. Doctors have told Natalie if she has an other large seizure she could die.

I wanted to share this because I found it such a very sad story and I wish Natalie and her family all the luck in the world. You can sign the online petition here to show your own support, please don’t forget to like the page either. I feel so sorry for the family but what do you think about this story?

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