Following the interest in my Jamiroquai post in December, I thought I better keep you informed of any other music acts which have decided to dip their toes into the social networking pool.

According to my friends at Tech Digest, Radiohead have launched their own social networking site using Ning.

Personally, I prefer Wetpaint but still it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

I remember hearing recently that Radiohead put their latest album on the net for free and just asked for donations which I thought that was a pretty ballsy approach and quite pioneering.

Anyway, the new site is called Waste-Central– no seriously….

Waste-Central apparently lets fans post videos, remixes, photos, music files, blog and they can also sign up for a personal email address. However, the best bit of the site – as reported by Techcrunch – is the fact that its gapedia-type service allows fans to state which gig they are attending and then they can arrange to meet other fans. Not a bad idea.

My colleague Seb has just posted about the growing popularity of using social networks for travelling – check that out too if you are thinking of meeting like minded people in foreign countries.

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