Sorry for the outrageous bit of self promotion in this post but I had to share this one with you guys.  A few months ago my colleagues and I at Lucre had a discussion/brainstorm/thought shower for one of our client’s Ultralase, one of the UK’s leading laser eye surgery brands, on what we could do to raise awareness of National Eye Health Week which runs from 17th-23rd September.

We discussed several fun ideas around changing the face of British institutions, to make people stop and think, and then one of my colleagues suggested we blur out the infamous Page 3 model’s boobs from The Sun. As soon as he said it – I thought brilliant that would be great but it was his idea sadly not mine, so I can’t take the credit.

After lots of hard work by the team I am pleased to say we have managed to get this approved and if you head over to The Sun online today you will see that we have taken over the homepage. Our little advertisement is running for 24hrs until midnight tonight. It’s obviously just a brand awareness exercise but I love it when a client allows you to do something bold and fun.

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