The video below reminds me of the Will it Blend campaign where they did something rather extreme to a gadget to show how impressive it is. In the case of Will it Blend they placed an iPad into a blender and blended into dust which made for a clever campaign that went viral on YouTube and moved the brand from a lowly position to a top ten blender brand. It also opened up a whole new market as men watched the video and wanted the best blender on the planet.

So with that in mind the video below is from the G-Form team. In this video they place an iPad into one of their protective cases and attach it to a weather baloon and send it 100,000ft into the air before letting it crash back to earth. There are rumours that this video is fake, this could be true but whichever way you look at it – it is a rather impressive campaign to get us all talking and reporting about what is essentially a protective casing. Add that to the fact that these stunts haven’t cost much and you have a clever campaign in my eyes. I would imagine all they want to do is sell cases.

So what do you think is this real or fake?


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