Matthew Watson has tagged me on the latest meme to find inspirational communicators. Here is the blurb about it:

“The idea’s simple. We’re asking you to list the three communicators living or dead who have most influenced your way of thinking professionally and perhaps personally too. Who do you think the real innovators are? Who’s been most responsible for kicking the industry forward? And just who are the communication PRunks?”

So far the names which have been banded around include; Steve Jobs, Muhammed Ali,Big Winston, Banksy and Wadds Grandad which all sound like good shouts.

Matthew and my friend Giles Shorthouse bizarrely both selected the same three which were: Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone, Tim Berners-Lee the inventor of the world wide web and Ray Tomlinson the inventor of e-mail.

  1. Well for me one of them has to be Tim Berners-Lee as the internet has certainly changed the way we all communicate and interact. In fact, it has changed society, so that does have to go down as number one. So good shout from the boys on that one.
  2. Winston Churchillis my second choice as this guy could give an inspirational speech which would probably make our current PM cry.
  3. My final choice is Beaker from the television show The Muppets because anyone who can just say the word ‘Me’ and yet everyone can still understand him has got to be a communications genius!

Here is Beaker back in action just in case you almost forgot about his brilliant communication skills.

I tag Sam Oakley, Sebastian Mysko and Simon Wakeman

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