Well after another busy week at Wolfstar we decided it was time to add another staff member to our ever increasing team.

I am delighted to welcome Jed Hallam, who joins us on an initial two-month temporary basis. Jed and I have spoken with each other on various social media platforms many times before but the clincher for employing him was when he created a new Facebook group called ‘Ten reasons for Wolfstar and Jed Hallam’.

It was the final point for me that really caught my attention. In his own words his final reason was this: “I very nearly hired a Barbershop Quartet to sing these reasons to the Wolfstar Team at head office… Seriously.”

To be honest I had several visions of these guys walking into the office and singing (to the tune of Mr Sandman): “Mr Bruce give me a job!”

I thought it was a brave and bold move and it did make me laugh. Welcome to the action Jed!

Jed joins our other recruit Natalie Smith, who has been working for us on a full time basis during the entire summer. Natalie is still studying public relations at university, so she is only working for us on a part-time basis now but she has been a bit of a revelation in our office. In fact, I think Stuart Bruce said it best when he described her as: “the best student we have ever had”.

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