Here is a clever little PR stunt by Ibis hotels. The hotel chain has developed a robot that creates an artistic imagery from how you sleep and from the video – it’s actually rather stunning.

From the question, “What does your sleep look like?” it creates a picture of your movement during sleep. The video clip below has been watched more than 33,000 times already and the story has received international coverage all over the place.

Hotels all across its Europe network are getting involved in the experiment with 40 lucky people being selected from the Facebook page through an integrated app to have their own piece of art created. It has been reported that the robot works using special mattresses which measure heat, pressure and sound. The robot receives the information and plots it onto a canvas creating your own bespoke design.

The campaign looks like it has been created to get likes and generate conversation. I really like the idea of the campaign as it’s properly integrated but I had been involved in the development of the application I would have made it a bit easier (and clearer) to like the Ibis page as it’s not clear when you are in the app, which may explain why 2.3K people have liked the app rather than the page. It becomes quite confusing and the scroll function makes it a tad difficult to navigate too but these are semantics as the idea is a brilliant and sound one. The very concept of seeing your dreams in reality is genius and I would love to see mine but I think it would be far better to see my wife’s as my six month old son is keeping her awake at night at the moment.

If we were running this campaign, I would now get a number of famous faces to test it out and get their dreams visualised. The work could then be auctioned off for the relevant charities the celebrities (or artists) are patrons of. I would also see what art critics thought of the work itself and have it analysed by a psychologist to see if it really did tell you anything about the person


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