An Norwegian underwear producer called Devold put its protective clothing to the test in a PR stunt and videoed the whole thing and then sent it to me. The workwear brand set fire to a base jumper and sent him over a cliff in something which did seem pretty scary and that’s why I like it.

The thing that concerns me the most is my pilot-chute (that opens the parachute). If the pilot-chute gets burned it might not work”, says stuntman Tom Erik Heiman before he is about to jump off a 1200-meter high cliff indulged in flames.

Apparently Devold manufacturers protective underwear that protects against cold, heat, flames, static electricity and metal splash. What the heck is metal splash? In this clip, it clearly demonstrates that the company was the first manufacturer to receive EU-approval for their flame retardant underwear. If you are listening guys, please do send some over to me as I want to test your pants out – they will come in handy in the PR industry as we fly by the seat of our pants all of the time.

At the time of writing the video had received 12,000 views but somehow I think that is going to increase.


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