I know what you’re thinking – why the title? Well, two reasons firstly because its tenuously linked to James Bond – I realise it’s really Austin Powers and extremely sad – and secondly because of the gadget which I had to write about as it made me both laugh and cry at the same time.

I will start with the gadget. If you take a look at the picture to the right it looks like a normal usual radio alarm clock right – Err WRONG.

This is a radio alarm clock with a difference. This one has a built in spy camera which films straight to an SD card. I can feel cheating lovers across the world squirming in the seats right now.

As a post from Gadget Spy describes: “All the data is recorded into the SD card, which can afterwards be easily transferred to your computer.

In order to save memory space, the camera is activated by motion, which means that you’ll get to see all the “important” scenes pretty quickly. Priced at $500 in black and white, or $600 in colour – both models include a SD memory card with 512MB.”

I am sorry but who uses these things?  So for £250 you can spy on your partner or whoever – Great!

The second element of today’s post is to celebrate me actually being on the other end of some blogger relations. Yes, yours truly was contacted last night and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a bookon James Bond. They read my blog and approached me personally and as I do love the 007 movies, I thought I would give it a plug so here goes.

Basically the book is about the legal issues over who owned the rights to James Bond. There was a huge legal argument which stretched across a few years and what resulted was the movie Thunderballbeing made twice.

The second version included a fat and slightly bald (as he hadn’t been bond for 12 years) Sean Connery and was called Never Say, Never Again(entitled this way because Connery was heard to say he would never play Bond again and yet he did).

In my opinion, that was easily the worst James Bond film ever made and it almost reduced Bond’s worth. I like Mr Connery, and he was brilliant as Bond, but unfortunately he just looked too old and overweight to return as 007.

Thankfully, the other party who made Never Say Never Again – Never did again. If you fancy reading the book on how this all happened you can buy it from here.

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