MySpace continues down its own road of total music dominance, by launching an online music video channel that is to combine live gig footage with interviews and profiles to help promote new and up and coming bands.

The channel has bizarrely been called Earwig TV – make your own decisions here. 

Anyway, it is apparently going to aggregate content from across the whole of the site to help bands and artists reach out to new fans and hopefully in-turn attract some much needed attention from record labels.

This is a great idea – I am all for promoting proper British musical talent. I like the fact that through MySpace these new bands can show off their musical skills no matter where they are based.

Hopefully, this will help lead to more good quality bands being chosen by us the fans rather than fat cat corporates, who know very little about proper music. However, I hope it doesn’t mean that cheesy acts like Same Difference, end up on here trying to get in on the act.

Is it just me who thinks they are the worst duo to hit Britain since the Cheeky Girls?

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