UPDATE: This will now be launching around end of April as we have decided to add a few more features following feedback from some Twitter users.

Tweasier sign upA while back I wrote a post about an internet (fashion) community I am involved with (https://www.thefashionpixie.com/) and I said it was just one of several web projects that I was undertaking as well as my usual digital pr and social media consultancy.

Well I have been working hard during the last five months on a Twitter application and the wait is finally almost over. We are planning to launch the product (Tweasier) in beta form in just seven day’s time. So if you use Twitter quite a bit and want to have a play and give us your feedback just add your email to the form on this holding page.

Also if you blog and are interested in blogging about Twitter tools, news, tips and advice. We are also looking for others to join our growing team of bloggers on the Tweasier blog.

We will be rolling the application out gradually over the next month and then we will have a full launch which you should all hear about in the media and (hopefully) on some of my blogger friends sites.

Thanks guys – I appreciate all of your support.

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