This video is worth watching don’t be put off by the five minutes on the clock – I would love to hear your thoughts. Mary McCoy from Continuum Marketing Services sings a humor-laced theme song for this year’s Social Media Marketing World. The song was apparently a warm-up for a keynote panel led by Jay Baer on the topic of “Have We Lost the Social in Social Media?” If you want to sing along in a kareoke style here are the lyrics: “Let’s Get Social” Lyrics: Verse 1 I’m showing you things you’ll like Trying to get engagement Here’s some photos from my life My cat, my kids, some bacon Verse 2 I’m hoping you’ll share my stuff And tweet it to the world If you help me grow my Klout, I promise that I’ll share yours Pre-chorus So connect with me, let’s have some fun Let’s show the world how this gets done Chorus Let’s get social (social) with social media Let’s get social (social) with social media Where we can spread the word and grow our reach And find our fans in their newsfeed Let’s get social with social media Verse 3 We’re searching for the story That’ll bring us instant fame So we shoot our “viral video” And we post it to the Gram Verse 4 We’re looking for the secret Of Facebook’s Holy Grail We try to keep from paying That leads to hashtag #fail (Repeat pre-chorus and chorus then to bridge) Bridge Hey now y’all, can we just get real? Do we care about our fans or is this just another deal? Said another way, have we lost our way? Social’s about the people, remember they are people Do we really need another fan, like or share? Do we need another post to show up everywhere? I hope as we scatter we never forget That our posts live forever even when we go to bed Do you think we will see this in the UK charts any time soon? Do we think this was deliberately done to be terrible so it goes viral?

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