I have just read an interesting post on Tech Digest about a new start-up company called YouNoodle (I am loving the name) which claims it can predict the business successes of the future using artificial intelligence.

The company has been created by two well educated Oxford graduates based in Silicon Valley

The owners have pitched their company in a recent issue of the New York Times with founder Bob Goodson claiming: “YouNoodle.com, might give an edge to venture capitalists and other investors trying to decide whether to sink money into an early-stage company.

“We don’t want to replace investors, we simply believe that industries of comparable size have utilised artificial intelligence to inform decision-making.”

“Give us some information, and we’ll give you some idea of what the company will be worth in five years,”

I am not sure whether I believe artificial intelligence can actually decide whether a company can be a success or not but I do think its a great idea to pull investors in, so they can then decide which company or idea they feel they want to invest in.

A comment on the bottom of a similar article on Tech Crunch made me laugh too – the commenter basically asked if YouNoodle had put itself through its own system. Either way time will tell if this company will be a success – cool name though.

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