I have just arrived back at Wolfstar HQ this morning and whilst running through my emails I felt I better write something about my relaxing week off.

Last week, I decided to have some time off and take my wife and little boy away for the week. So we booked a trip to Hackness Grange in the Yorkshire Dales as it looked quite peaceful.

It’s situated about 15 minutes drive from Scarborough in North Yorkshire and about 25 mins from Whitby.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get brilliant weather all the time but we did get to enjoy some fantastic food, wine and country air.

I have to say that Hackness gets some positive and negative comments on the various hotel review sites but my family and I thought the food was superb and the staff were really welcoming. OK, if you are used to 5 Star then don’t got here but if you don’t mind travelling 3 star and want a nice secluded location with a family feel this could be the place is for you.

My son is only six months old, so we needed a high chair at meal times. At our first meal the waiter actually went and built us a new one as the two others were taken.

The site is beautiful with its own private lake and the indoor swimming pool is a lovely warm temperature at 31 degrees which meant we could take Jacob swimming too (babies have to have it at least 30 degrees apparently).

Hackness is actually in the process of being bought out – I am reliably informed – so to keep customer numbers up they are doing all sorts of great deals at the moment. We got dinner, bed and breakfast included in our deal and all I can say is it was well worth it.

Anyway if you are thinking of looking for a cheaper relaxing  option in Yorkshire, you could consider giving this hotel a whirl.

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